15 M C Q on excretion



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15 M C Q on excretion
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Bhumi Ahuja 1 month, 3 weeks ago

1).______ is considered as the basic functional unit of the human kidney A. Exon B. Nephron C. Cilia D. Neuron 2).The Krebs-Henseleit cycle is a sequence of biochemical reactions that take place in _______ A. Brain B. Liver C. Urinary bladder D. Lungs 3).Bowman capsule is located in _______ A. Cortex B. Henle’s loop C. Bladder D. None of the above 4).The __________ is the point where two or three major renal calyces join together. A. Renal pelvis B. Urethra C. Bowman’s capsule D. None of the above 5)._________ are tubes made up of smooth muscle fibres that transport urine to the bladder from the kidneys A. Renal Papilla B. Urethra C. Ureters D. None of the above 6).Nitrogenous wastes excreted through urine in humans is A Trimethylamine oxide B. Ammonia C. Uric Acid D. Urea 7).__________ is a distensible, hollow, muscular sac located in the pelvis, just behind the pubic bone. A. Bowman’s capsule B. Urinary bladder C Ureter D None of the above 8).The _______ synthesizes most of the excretory compound in humans and is eliminated through ________ A. Liver, Urine B. Kidneys, Urine C. Liver, Bile juice D. None of the above 9)._______ is responsible for the recovery of water and sodium chloride from the urine. A. Bowman’s capsule B. Ureter C. Loop of Henle D. None of the above 10).The ________ are kidney tissues that are shaped like cones. A. Renal pyramids B. Renal pelvis C. Renal calculi D. Renal vasculitis 10).________ are cells present in the Bowman capsule that wrap around the capillaries of the glomerulus. A. Zymogenic cells B. Enterochromaffin-like cells C. Parietal cells D. Podocytes 11).___________ is a condition characterized by the presence of red blood cells in the urine A. Haematoma B. Haematuria C. Haematemesis D. None of the above 12).__________ is a yellow pigment that is formed after dead blood cells are processed in the liver. It is also primarily responsible for the yellow colour of urine A. Zeaxanthin B. Urochrome C. Carotenoids D. None of the above 13)._______ produces urea as the excretory substance in the human body. A. Kidneys B. Liver C. Urinary bladder D. Digestive system 14).The __________ is a network of tiny blood vessels located at the beginning of a nephron. A. Renal calyces B. Renal pyramid C. Bowman’s capsule D. Glomerulus

Divya Divya 1 month, 3 weeks ago

In plants

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