That day had come about through …

That day had come about through the unimaginable sacrifices of thousands of my people, people whose suffering and sacrifice and courage can never be counted or repaid. I felt that day, as I have on so many other days, that I was simply the sum of all those African patriots who had gone before me. That long and noble line ended and now began again with me. I was pained that I was not able to thank them and that they were not able to see what their sacrifices had wrought. 1) What day does the author refer to? a. Unimaginable sacrifices b. Installation of new government c. African patriots d. Noble line ended day 2) How had that come about? a. Counted the courage b. Sum of African Patriots c. Sacrifices of people d. None of the above 3) What did the author feel on that day? a. Sum of African patriots who had gone before me. b. He was pained. c. He was not able to see their sacrifices d. None of the above 4) Why was the author pained? a. Because he was not able to thank people. b. He was never repaid c. He did not imagine the sacrifices of people d. None of the above.
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Adithya Dev A 2 weeks, 1 day ago

1) b. 2) c. 3) b. 4) a.

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