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Class 12 Legal Studies Sample Papers & Notes | Question Bank

Law is now a senior school subject. To prepare well get premium content of CBSE Class 12 Legal Studies Sample Papers, Chapter Tests, Revision Notes, and Question Bank as PDFs on myCBSEguide.

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As one of the academic elective subjects, Legal Studies has topics for the basic understanding of the subject of law which is generally a subject taught in universities. Learning law outside a professional school of law is both challenging and interesting. To get the best course content for Class 12 Legal Studies you can download the myCBSEguide app. You can access our premium content for Legal Studies like Sample Papers, MCQ practice questions, revision notes, online tests, and previous years’ question papers. The best part is that all these are available in PDF format.

CBSE Class 12 Legal Studies Resources

Our resources are well-known for their quality. Law has been traditionally taught in universities and studying law outside the remit of a professional law school has different benefits. The senior secondary course of Legal Studies is one such attempt. Awareness of one’s entitlements and duties as a citizen. To help students study properly myCBSEguide brings the best educational solutions. Our resources range from Class 12 Legal Studies syllabus, CBSE last year’s question papers, sample papers, online tests, and learning videos. This will provide exposure to the students to various systems of law such as Common Law, Civil Law, etc. We provide complete course solutions in all the CBSE subjects.

CBSE Class 12 Legal Studies Syllabus

Learning law in school has an advantage which is that it develops early an understanding of the law. This subsequently encourages our talented students to pursue a career in law. To begin with the learning of law at the senior secondary level, students must be well acquainted with the syllabus of Class 12 Legal Studies prescribed by the CBSE.

The senior secondary Legal Studies syllabus is introduced with the objective to provide a background of the evolution of the Indian legal system in a short and concise form.  The chapters included in Class 12 Legal Studies have been listed below:


  • Judiciary
  • Topics of Law
  • Arbitration, Tribunal Adjudication and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Human Rights in India
  • Legal Profession in India
  • Legal Services
  • International Context

PROJECT based on the syllabus (20 marks)


For details about the topics under the unit check the CBSE Class 12 Legal Studies syllabus 2022-23.

CBSE Class 12 Legal Studies Question Bank

We have an exclusive question bank for CBSE subjects. You may find the same for class 12 Legal Studies. There are many types of questions in the CBSE question paper like subjective, and objective MCQs. Students can practice them on our students’ app as our question bank is updated regularly. We also have last years’ question papers.  You can check them on CBSE Previous Years Papers for Class 12 Legal Studies as well.

CBSE Class 12 Legal Studies Sample Papers

Based on the official CBSE sample question paper, myCBSEguide prepares sample papers for all CBSE subjects. Our sample papers replicate the MS and blueprint of the CBSE sample papers. It is always advisable to solve the sample papers before sitting for the final board examination of class 12. The course of Legal Studies helps students to focus on the applicability of justice, equity, and a good conscience and more importantly the development of the Common Law system in India. To check this analytical and application skill, model question papers can be the best tool, which prepares the students to be the exact CBSE question papers. Students can get class 12 Legal Studies sample papers on our student's dashboard as per the latest CBSE syllabus.

CBSE Class 12 Legal Studies MCQ Tests & Mock Tests

Students can also prepare by practicing our online MCQ tests for class 12 Legal Studies. The test papers and online tests are the best tools to learn and self-assess your progress.

We also take mock tests from time to time. The subscribers of myCBSEguide are notified of the information about these tests. These tests are really helpful and give an enthralling experience to the students.

At the stage of senior secondary students are at the threshold of professional careers. It is time to prepare and score well. Check out our CBSE module to be the top scorer.

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