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CBSE Syllabus for Class 12 Legal Studies 2019-20

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CBSE Syllabus for class 12 Legal Studies 2019-20

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CBSE Syllabus Class 12 Legal Studies

Time: 3hrs
Marks: 100

2Topics in Law3520
3Arbitration, Tribunal Adjudication, and Alternate Dispute Resolution3510
4Human Rights in India3510
5Legal Profession in India3510
6Legal Services3510
7International Context1010
8Project (Based on Syllabus)20

Course Contents:

  1. Judiciary (35 Periods)
    Structure and Hierarchy of Courts, and Legal Offices in India Constitution, Roles, and Impartiality.
    Appointments, Trainings, Retirement and Removal of Judges Courts and Judicial Review.
  2. Topics in Law (35 Periods)
    Law of Property
    Law of Contracts
    Law of Torts
    Introduction of Criminal Laws in India
    Administrative Law
  3. Arbitration, Tribunal Adjudication and Alternate Dispute Resolution (35 Periods)
    Adversarial and Inquisitorial System
    Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution
    Types of ADR – Arbitration and Administrative Tribunals
    Mediation and Conciliation
    Lok Adalats
    Lokpal and Lokayukta
  4. Human Rights in India (35 Periods)
    Introduction – History and International Context
    Constitutional framework and Related laws in India
    Complaint Mechanisms of Quasi-judicial Bodies.
  5. Legal Profession in India (35 Periods)
    History of legal profession in India – Classification of lawyers, Advocates.
    Act, 1961, Bar Council of India, professional ethics and advertising by lawyers, legal education in India, liberalization of profession.
    Legal Profession in other jurisdictions.
  6. Legal Services (35 Periods)
    Brief History of legal services
    Legal background – International law, Indian legal system, Criminal law, efforts by the State, Indian Constitution, NALSA Regulation.
    Criteria for giving free Legal Services – Legal Services
    Hierarchy of Legal Aid Service Authorities – Central authority, State authority, and District Authority and Taluk Committee, Lok Adalat and permanent lok adalat. Legal aid in context of social justice and human rights Funding.
  7. International Context (10 Periods)
    Introduction to International Law – History and types of International Law
    Sources of International Law – Treaties, Customs and ICJ Decisions
    International Institutions
    International Human Rights
    Customary International Law
    International law and municipal law
    International Law and India
    Dispute Resolution – ICJ, ICC, and other mechanisms
  8. Project (Based on Syllabus)
    A detailed analysis of any case law pertaining to any unit from the curriculum. It will be preferred to pick any case law mentioned in the book. Eg: Maneka Gandhi V UoI or Kesavananda Bharati case. However, it is open to go beyond the textbook as long as the case elucidates a concept of the book.
    The project should speak of the facts, issue, relevant legislation and discussed precedents and the decision of the case along with a conclusion which shows how well the concept has been understood.
    A viva along with file will be assessed in the following format:
    Presentation and preparation of file – 2 marks Research – 3 marks Application of the understanding of legal context – 5 marks Legal reasoning and logic – 5 marks Viva – 5 marks

Legal Studies
Question Paper Design
Class 12 (2019-20)

Very Short Answer Objective type (VSA) (1 Mark)
Remembering: 6
Understanding: 6
Applying: 6
Analysing : 0
Evaluating: 2
Creating: 0
Total: 20
Short Answer-I (SA) (2 Mark)
Remembering: 2
Understanding: 2
Applying: 2
Analysing : 0
Evaluating: 2
Creating: 0
Total: 8
Short Answer-II (SA) (4 Marks)
Remembering: 1
Understanding: 1
Applying: 2
Analysing : 0
Evaluating: 1
Creating: 0
Total: 6
Long Answer-I (LA) (6 Marks)
Remembering: 1
Understanding: 1
Applying: 1
Analysing : 0
Evaluating: 1
Creating: 0
Total: 4

Total Marks
Remembering: 20
Understanding: 20
Applying: 24
Analysing : 0
Evaluating: 16
Creating: 0
Total: 80
Weightage (% age)
Remembering: 25
Understanding: 25
Applying: 30
Analysing : 0
Evaluating: 20
Creating: 0
Total: 100


Type of QuestionMark per QuestionTotal No. of QuestionsTotal Marks
LA I4520
LA II6424
  1. No chapter wise weightage. Care to be taken to cover all the chapters.
  2. Suitable internal variations may be made for generating various templates keeping the overall weightage to different form of questions and typology of questions same.

There will be no overall choice in the question paper.
However, 33% internal choices will be given in all the sections.

Internal AssessmentMarks

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