Wrong Question in class 12 Engineering Graphics 2012 Exam

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The question number 3 in class 12 Engineering Graphics examination held in March 2012 was wrong. Students were not getting any clue to find correct answer for this question. CBSE team reviewed the question and decided to give full marks to all the students who tried to attempt this question.


As per HT news on March 23, 2012, The diagram and dimensions didn’t match in the said question. The question was related to assembly and disassembly of machine parts.

“We have come to the conclusion that all candidates should be given full marks ignoring the correctness of the answer. The benefit of doubt will be given for sure to all those who have put their time and energy in attempting this question,” said a subject teacher, who attended the meeting on marking scheme with CBSE officials.


Source : HT dated 23 March 2012


4 thoughts on “Wrong Question in class 12 Engineering Graphics 2012 Exam”

  1. hello my name is sania i completed my 10th class in ssc board and i joined 11th class in cbsc board but i failed in 11th class.so i want to continue my studies by joining 12th class with out waistging a year time and money. So u please give me a suggession if there is any possibility i.e like open institute etc..

  2. Dear Staff this is Arvind .K From physics exam onwards i am felling very bad because i thought i am fail but results i got 65 marks.thank u sir.One suggestion for Cbse students please attempt all qeustions
                   Arvind  (Aaru)

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