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Value based Questions for CBSE class 10 and class 12

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CBSE has introduced the concept of value based questions in question papers of all main subject from the session 2012-13. Total 3-5 marks questions will be value based from this year onward in CBSE question papers.
Download CBSE Value based questions for CBSE class 10 and CBSE class 12. These value based questions are prepared by team of teacher, Directorate of Education, Delhi.
These questions are based on values & key messages brought out on the basis of prescribed text. These should be answered in about 100 words. Content will be marked for three marks and expression for two marks. Students have the liberty to go beyond the set text.
The Board has decided to assess students for 5 percent weight age in classes XI and XII through questions which will be integrated with the content of the subject and analyzed on the basis of the values it reflects. The questions will be 3-4 marks in a question paper of 70-90 marks.
The sample value based questions deal with the life skills and values attained by students like Self Awareness, Empathy, Critical thinking, Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, effective Communication, Interpersonal Relationships, Coping with Stress and Coping with Anger, and Dealing With Emotions.

To download CBSE Value Based Questions visit the following link and browse the subject. Click Sample Papers then CCE Second Term

Click Here for Value Based Questions for class 10

Click Here for Value Based Questions for class 12

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