New Version of CBSE Solved Test Papers Released

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We at are providing CBSE Chapter-wise solved Test papers for class 9-12. These test papers are available in PDF book format for Download. You can download these test papers one by one from download section of The whole book which contains all the chapters is available at our online shop for Rs.100/- only.


Today, We pleased to launched new versions of our solved test papers for the following categories :


1. Class 09 Science Test Papers

2. Class 09 Mathematics Test Papers

3. Class 10 Science Test Papers

4. Class 11 Physics Test Papers

5. Class 11 Chemistry Test Papers

6. Class 11 Mathematics Test Papers

7. Class 11 Biology Test Papers

8. Class 12 Physics Test Papers

9. Class 12 Chemistry Test Papers

10. Class 12 Mathematics Test Papers

11. Class 12 Biology Test Papers


What Changes are made :


1. There were more than 100 PDF files under each download. We have merged all of them into one single PDF file in Book format.

2. An index page is added at the beginning of this book to locate desired topic easily.

3. Page Number has been marked on each page of the book for easy access to test papers.

4. Now you can print the whole book in a single print command.


What is not changed :


1. Test papers and answers are same. No New Test Paper is added or deleted.

2. Topics and chapters are same. No new topic is added or deleted.



Those who have purchased these products earlier, can download the New version of solved test papers FREE of cost from your account page at the link below :

Download New Version (for old Customers only)




New Customers can download the products using the link below. Click the link and select your class from left menu over there.

Download Solved Test Papers (New Customers)


We accept payment via Credit Card/ Debit Card/ ATM Card (selected banks only)/ Net Banking / Account Payee Cheques. You will get instant download link immediately after successful online payment.

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