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Stuck with questions that you don’t know! Just post them here and get them answered by experts. myCBSEguide homework help is here to assist you on all your study related queries and questions.

We are pleased to announce the release of new module in to help our students in their homework and assignments. The homework help module is a question answer forum where our users can ask questions and our team of expert teachers will reply them.

Ask your doubts here

Homework help module has very simple user interface so that students can ask questions without any distraction and teachers can reply them easily. As there is no edit option, users may add more information about the question by clicking add comment option given at the end of every question.

To enter your answer, simply click add answer link given below the question. We have also added a thanks button with each answer to highlight most helpful reply.

7 thoughts on “Need Homework Help? Ask your Doubts Here!!”

  1. I wanted help for the below sum :
    The floor of a rectangular hall has a perimeter 250 m . If the cost of painting the four walls at the rate of Rupees 10 per m^2 is Rupees 15,000 , find the height of the hall.

  2. Sir I want that u finish this feature of asking questions because some idiot students gives abuses , they fought in very bad language and use this app for chating….?

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