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How to Score 90+ in Board Exams

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Scoring 90% or above is easy. Anyone of us can do it with a little bit extra efforts. Don’t study, study and study; it is not enough. What you need to do is, study smartly with proper planning. Simply switch from hardworking to smart-working. Here is how you can do it:

Plan your study: Make a study planner of your own. Set number of hours for everyday study. You cannot study all subjects in a day, so take two subjects every day and give at least 2 hour to each subject. Thus, you will touch all subjects in a week. Do not forget to revise everything you studied during the week, on Saturday and take written test on Sunday. Divide whole syllabus into weeks for all the subjects and keep Saturday for revision and Sunday for written tests. Time management is the only key to success.

NCERT is your bible: NCERT text books and Exemplar books must be followed line by line with all the examples, numerical, chapter-end questions and in-text questions. Many questions are asked from Exemplar books, so don’t ignore them in any case.

Make Notes and Revise them: Visuals retain for longer time in your memory. Whatever you study, you must make notes for them. It is very difficult to go through the whole book in a short span of time, so make notes and revise them once a week. While making key notes, you must use tables, flowcharts, diagrams, short codes (such as (BODMAS) and info-graphics.

Practice Reference books: After going through NCERT, you must practice refresher books such as R. D. Sharma, R. S. Agarwal, TogetherWith, U-Like, Evergreen etc. These books will help you understand concepts thoroughly.

Solve Test Papers and CBSE Sample Papers: Once you complete a chapter, you must go through practice papers and solve them. It will help you to know your weak areas. CBSE sample papers should be solved only after you have completed the whole book. It is recommended to practice model question papers three months before the board exams. Solving previous year question papers will make you confident. So do it every Sunday in December, January and February.

Health is wealth: For healthy mind, you should focus on healthy body. Relaxing, doing deep breathing exercises, meditating etc. helps you stay completely free of stress. Eat home-cooked food and avoiding oily junk food which will make you lethargic. Staying healthy is the key to a fully functional brain and it will also reduce the chances of your falling sick at this critical stage.

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  1. Can this be helpful for me even if I start this when only about one month is left for exams? Will I be able to get 90+

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