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Course Curriculum and Evaluation Scheme of Introductory Information Technology

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The course curriculum on “Introductory Information Technology” at Secondary Level is the Foundation course for all other courses relating to Computer Science/Multimedia and Web Technology/Informatics Practices/Information Technology Applications in classes XI & XII.

Keeping this in view, CBSE has renamed the course curriculum “Introductory Information Technology” at Secondary Level as “Foundation of Information Technology” from the session 2009-2010 for Class IX and 2010-2011 for Class X with necessary changes in the course content of the subject.

Some of the basic characteristics of “Foundation of Information Technology” are
1. It does not recommend any proprietary software.
2. The skills/competencies realized through this course are holistic in the context of vertical mobility both in vocational as well as in academic fields.
3. Use of open software has been recommended.
4. All the commands are functional and generic.

The evaluation scheme of this course has also been modified as follows:

Theory Examination    60 marks

Practical Examination 20 + 20 = 40 marks

The Practical Examination has two components:

a) Hands-on school based year-end practical examination (Internal in Classes IX & X) 20 marks
b) Practical skill based Multiple-choice question type year-end written examination (External in Class X) 20 marks

These modifications have been reflected in the Secondary School Curriculum document 2011, Vol. I (Main subjects)

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15 thoughts on “Course Curriculum and Evaluation Scheme of Introductory Information Technology”

  1. Practical of class X “Foundation In Information Technology” marks distribution is not clear.MCQ’s of 20 marks will be external i.e. questions from which source. I want more details on this. Will MCQ include both IX and X.

    IS any changes in theory part,how the marks will be distributed in theory.

  2. Pls send all the details about course curriculum and evaluation scheme of introductory information technology. I want to know more about it & from which year it starts?

  3. Dear sir

    I want to know the contents(chapter summary) of “Foundation of Information Technology”.

    is there any change in its contents if yes please send it me….

    Thanking u 🙂

  4. Dear sir

    I want to know the contents(chapter summary) of “Foundation of Information Technology”.

    is there any change in its contents if yes please send it to me….

    Thanking u 🙂

  5. No, such changes in the contents, but marks distribution may be changed. Main units are same as previous like Web Browsers, Internet services, HTML and DBMS(Ms-Access). But now it would required deep knowledge because of MCQ.

  6. To whom it may concern

    respcted sir/ma’am,

    i hereby requst you to kindly provide me with the new changes as per the evaluation scheow to me for class 10. how to prepare & appear for the exams.

    I hope u shall pay some concern.

    Thanking you

  7. i want to know name of the book where the new syllabus has followed.Another thing is that , please,publish some sample papper of MCQ. i wanto know the project and details of marks..

  8. i want to know the details of Foundation of INformation Technology syllabus, the marking scheme for theory & practical and also MCQ

  9. sir, i want to know about the marking of answer sheets in march 2010 X examination.
    how many grades r there?
    how they r distributed?
    does all students having percentage in 90s will be placed in the same grade????

  10. u can check for The essentials of Information Technology for cl 9 and 10 with latest syllabus test papers and mcq’s for practice.

  11. Dear Sir,

    i want to know the contents (chapter summery) of “Foundation of Information Technology” of class X.

    If there is any change in its contents if yes, please sent it to me…

  12. dear sir/madam

    i want some information on ms powerpoint to make project
    can you help me in making my project…….

  13. sumita arora has revised the syllabus for FOUNDATION OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY for class X. Is it applicable. want to know the new syllabus

  14. The contents and the mark distribution is very clear. But still more sample papers of “Foundation of Information Technology- Class IX and X” (CCE Based) are required for practice and to get a view at the type of expected questions.

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