Grading System in CBSE as Class 10 Board is made Optional

The Central Board of Secondary Education is all set to roll out the grading system and do away with the conventional method of evaluation.

Though, CBSE is formulating a detailed plan for this, teachers and parents are apprehensive of the implementation of the decision that is hanging fire since last many years.

Students and teachers are desperately awaiting the implementation of the grading system. A source in CBSE regional office revealed that they have been asked to submit a proposal in this regard, to clarify certain issues, including how grading should actually be done.

Those securing over 90% marks would get A grade indicating their outstanding performance in the test. Further grades would be A1, B, B1, C, C1, D, D1 and E. And students would be awarded grades at par with their scores. The new grading system may be something like that.

As per sources, the CBSE has prepared the format of an aptitude exam which schools can use to test Class X students on their level of understanding in each subject. The emphasis, however, will be on continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) through the year instead of a single public exam at the end of Class X.

CBSE had prepared a detailed blueprint for the changes and all their concerns were adequately addressed in it. ‘‘We, at CBSE, have decided to go the CCE way soon, as it won’t be a huge problem implementing it since the methodology of teaching we practice at Class X is same in Class VI and VII. So, if we introduce CCE at Class IX and X, it too will have the trickle-down effect,’’ said Joshi.

On the issue of creating two categories of students, one who took the Class X boards and another who didn’t, Joshi said: ‘‘First of all, it is to provide flexibility to students and de-stress the education system. But at any point of time if a student wants to test himself, he/she can go for the ‘online on demand assessment test’. The test is equivalent to that of the Class X board exam and thus if a student need any certification, that test would suffice.’’ Moreover, CBSE is also preparing an aptitude test that students can take to test their understanding of the study done during Class X days.

Meanwhile, in order to ensure credible internal evaluation, all new schools need to be accredited by an agency for three year before CBSE affiliates them. The existing affiliated schools also need to be accredited within three years.

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52 Responses to “Grading System in CBSE as Class 10 Board is made Optional”

  1. Vidyanshu says:

    Sir this system is oingto destroy the career of each student
    plz implement the older system
    we want to know our marks
    hw such hardorkers can get priced for their ability
    Sibbal sir u have messed up whole system and know u r doing the worst with us i wholeheartedly oppose this system
    now there will be more divisions of board and local
    i hate this grading system 
    I want old system to be reimplemented.
    Plz save our future 
    CBSe older board system is performing well and there was no need to made such big change only the stress is of huge syllabus and the only need is to divide it in terms and uniformility of Fa in all schools must be there plz imply the marking system again

  2. Suryansh Gupta says:

    This CCE is a gift to students as numbers are ommited and hence a lesser chance for students to fail in eggjam.We all complaint about CCE we all think that it’s bad 91% will be equal to 100% but a big plus point related with it is that it has stopped students to comitt suicide.
        Before CCE the students( class 10) were worried about their results ,exams & their preparation.if their marks are not good or they fail they get a heap of scoldings in home and their mind thinks something else . It force them to comitt suicide. But now due to CCE the students are not going to attempt suicide as 40 marks from teacher will work wonders and will help to pass easily and they will not be in tention or anxieties.
         Another thing is that the students of class 9&10 will now get a taste of Board exams and will be prepared for their Class 12 board exams.So they will be able to plan for their next coming board.
               Suryansh Gupta living in a rural area.   

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