CBSE Grading System in Class 10

CBSE has introduced new grading Pattern for class 10 students. There will be nine grades. The highest will be A1 (exceptional) with a grade point of 10 and a marks range of 91-100%. Second grade will be A2 (excellent) with a grade point of 9 and marks in the range of 81-90%. Third grade will be B1 (very good) with grade point of 8 and a marks range of 71-80%.

The fourth grade will be B2 (good) with a grade point of 7 and marks range of 61-70%. Fifth grade will be C1 (fair) with grade point of 6 and marks range of 51-60%. C2 (average) will be the sixth grade with grade point of 5 and marks range of 41-50%. D (below average) will be the seventh grade with 4 grade points and marks range of 33-40%. E1 (needs improvement) and E2 (unsatisfactory) are the last two grades.

Grading system based on continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) will be done in two terms (April-September, October-March). In a year, the school will conduct four formative and two summative assessments.

In the first term, there will be two formative assessments of 10% each and single summative assessment of 20%. In the second term also a similar format will be adopted. Formative assessment will carry 40% marks and summative assessment 60% marks.

CBSE also plans to offer an aptitude test that will be available by February 2010. By the time a student reaches Class XI, he/she would have undertaken the aptitude test twice, once at the end of Class IX and then at the end of Class X.

But since the grade system is being introduced in the middle of the academic session, students of Class IX — who will be the first batch not to take Class X board examination in 2011 — will have to go through two formative and one summative assessment in the October-March term in schools.

Application of Grading System for students appearing in March 2010 Exam : The exam will be same as it was last year. No change in syllabus, No change in evaluation system, No change in marking Scheme, No Change in assessment scheme, No change in projects and assignments, No Implementation of CCE, No implementation of Formative assessment or Summative assessment. The only change is Marks will be replaced with Grades this year.

Application of Grading System for students appearing in March 2011 Exam : There will be CCE based evaluation in school only. No Board Exams. Two Terms April-September and October-March). Formative assessment will carry 40% marks and summative assessment 60% marks. CBSE will issued detailed guidelines in September-October this year.


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133 Responses to “CBSE Grading System in Class 10”

  1. utkarsh says:

    will 2011-2012 batch of class x results will be clubbed with the grades of previous year class 9 and then be given?

  2. minakshi says:

    Boards were much easy dan dese skul exams .. n boards checkin woz olso vei easy n gud bt nw teachers wil check d papers in skul .. n dey wil giv marks acc. 2 dere fav. studnt n ol wich wil b a discriminatin checkin .. ! soo i think boards were much better dan dese exams in skul .. !

  3. amutha says:

    it is not so good for students those who are well in studies but for weaker students it is very good .if a student is weak in 9th class and studies well in 10th class there is no use because the grades are clubbed with previous year according to me it is not a good system.i will get releif when this system is stopped.

  4. somya says:

    i hate this system .it has created such a mess in students studies. we cant decide what we have to choose in class 10 board or cce. they are saying that they will decrease the students load while they are increasing our burden.
    now i dont know what to do in class 10?????????????????????

  5. swapnadip says:

    how to find out my grading in all subjects & what is the procedure of working out my no. in all subjects

  6. riti says:

    if a student get e1 grade them he/she has to give exam again or not?

  7. swapnil likhdhari says:

    mujhe lagta hai ki ye jo cce mai grading system laya gaya hai…..vo aaj tak ka sabsa kharab nirdaye liya gaya hai…!!!
    topper bachoo ke bich ka competition khatam kar diya isne…
    mai bhi unhi bachoo mai se hu jinhe is grading system ki vajah se maat khani padhi hai..!!!!!

  8. student says:

    the guy who has posted this is a dumb…people are asking questions and he is not answering….

  9. vasundhra says:

    plz let me know the grades for different streams? { science n commerce specifically}

  10. I really appreciate the CBSE grading system introduced by the honourable HR minister Mr. kapil Sibal. It will really be successful if the HR Ministery will try to convert all the schools throughout India under one umberrala i.e. CBSE. Ofcourse in the initial stages there will be some teething problems but one should not bother about such things,when the advantages are numerous.Hoping for implementation within two years or so.

  11. ANKA says:

    i didn’t understand the grading system

  12. Harmeet says:

    i m in 10th class..and according 2 me it is not a good decision because giving full 60% marks in d hands of teachers!! den teachers force d students to take coachings from them and if the students does not agree to take then they will not give the marks …..i had seen all this in front of my eyes…the child who is getting 80% and the child who is getting 89% are the same!!!! atleast previously seeing the worst marks children tries to get good marks but now no one appriciate the child getting the highest marks becoz no one knows about that!! though it has some advantages but disadvantages are at the peak..!!!!

  13. saima sultan says:

    i have a doubt in my grades…what is the process of checking my marks? plz tell me soon…..

  14. shruti says:

    plz give me the dates for our 10th first summitive……subject wise….

  15. anusha says:

    will the marks of class ninth carry any weightage in the report card of class tenth?

  16. Isha sinha says:

    PLEASE help 
    actually i have got 7 -8 grade points in maths and english will i get commerce with maths in these grade points … 

    Thanks & regards 

  17. rahul says:

    i think that cce pattern is very good because on over all student presure on only studies only by the parents ..and now students relax on studies easily .

  18. harshitha says:

    worse system………………………..even if we get 90% it is waste for A1…………………….it is a pitch

  19. nazish says:

    i dont think sa1 grades should be added….coz if a student does not do well in sa1 n do well in sa2 the whole cgpa will decrase….

  20. sarika gupta says:

    Grading is good upto some extent but i think it will make student very careless about their studies and results.

  21. i think this grading system in not a advantage for students as it degrades the level of studies.A person giving boards in class 10 will have the same syllabus as a student giving the school conducted exams plus you shuld give the actual marks marks of a student even in cgpa as it confuses students a lot. I hope u look in to the problem n please do not introduce the same zsysytem for class 12.

  22. Himanirocks says:

    i luv u cbse

  23. Jkumar72 says:

    u will get darling

  24. shiva says:

    grading systm is vry best for weak students.
    like me

  25. rahul says:

    sir plz mujhe batayein ki kya 10 ke result mein 9 ka bhi result bhi add ho ta hai

  26. sexy says:

    i think the cbse board should go fuck themselves

  27. Aaliya Sheikh says:

    will some percent of 9th std be added in 10th std results???
    and how much internal marks would be added from school side to our actual percent???
    plz help me out..
    plz mail me..

  28. Aaliya Sheikh says:

    will 9th std % affect 10 std results??
    and how many % will be added to our result from our school side??
    plz help me out…
    plz mail me..

  29. charishma says:

    it is very difficult for a student carrying the sa1 marks if he/she does not get good marks

  30. lavanya says:

    the grade point scheme is not clear for some students.please provide us a clear picture of a1 a2 b1 b2 grade points

  31. student s says:

    the grading system is awesome ,it enhances student’s ability to think new innovative ideas when assigned with projects and assesments

  32. nowrin says:

    Cbse really spoiling our future because this system is so bad in first SA I didn’t score nice but I put so much hard work in SA2. But still I got 8.6 really this system is bad I hate this stupit system

  33. Abhisek Mishra says:

    teachers will now control the fate of students……
    no backdoor business no marks

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