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why did maria have to stay from her mother? How did she feel about that
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Aarohi Singh 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Maria had to migrate from Florida to U.S for her further practice.Her mother did not accompany her because of some visa issues.. She felt very lonely because no one is there for her.. her father was all day busy with his working schedule and did not give her much time. Her rommates ragged her.,but all these didn't let her go down she used all these suffering as her will power and raised her name in her field in a very early age...

Anish Anand 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Maria had to migrate to the U.S. (Florida) for her tennis practice. For that, she made numerous sacrifices, like for her homeland and so on. One of her biggest sacrifices is that of her mother. Her mother could not accompany her to Florida because of some visa issues. These thoughts of sacrifice never failed to motivate her. These thoughts made her determined about what she wanted to achieve.

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