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Explain the processions of treaty of vienne in 1815
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Prince Sharma 1 year, 2 months ago

(I)The main object of Treaty of Vienna was to undo most of the changes brought about by Napoleon during Napoleonic wars. (II)The Bourbon Dynasty which has been desposed from power during revolutionary uprising, was restored to power. (III)France lost its territories it had annexed under Napoleon and a series of states was set up to prevent its future expansion. (IV)Thus, Genoa was added to Piedmont in south and United Kingdom of Netherlands was set up in the North. (V)Prussia was given important territories on its eastern and western frontiers while Russia was given a part of Saxony. (VI)Austria was given territories of Lombardy and Venetia of northern Italy.(VII) A series of conservative measures were set up to prevent revolutions including censorship and restrictions on guilds.

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