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You are Rizwan Ali a resident of 456 Rajouri garden Delhi. Write a letter to the editor of the national and Delhi when the attention of the concern authorities to the dereriorating law and order situation in the City.
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Preeti Dabral 8 months, 2 weeks ago


Rajouri Garden

New Delhi

June 22, 20XX


The Editor
The Hindu

Sub:  deteriorating law and order situation in the city


I am writing to your esteemed self to express my deep concern over deteriorating law and order situation in the city. The incidents of thefts, jewellery and purse snatching, mobile snatching, eve-teasing, extortion, gang wars, etc. are on the increase. There is an atmosphere of insecurity and fear in the entire locality. No resident dares to go out after the dark.

We the residents of the locality have lodged a written complaint with the local Police Station in which we requested the SHO for permanent patrolling by the cops during the evening. In spite of our repeated complaints, no action has been taken. Now I on behalf of the residents of the locality have decided to bring the attention of the concerned authorities to the problem through the medium of your esteemed newspaper. I am hopeful that you will help us in bringing normalcy to our locality by publishing this letter in your reputed daily.

Yours truly,


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