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Compare and contrast the characters of Shahid and Mukesh
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Preeti Dabral 1 year, 2 months ago

Saheb's full name is Saheb-e-Alam, which means Lord of the universe. His name is in total contrast to his very existence and is thus deeply ironical. Saheb and his family live in Seemapuri, a slum on the periphery of Delhi. His family migrates from Bangladesh, when storms destroy all that they have. Initially, he works as a ragpicker and the garbage means gold for him. In the garbage dumps, he looks for useful items which can be sold for cash. Later on, he works in a tea stall to earn a living. He also runs several errands for his owner. Although he has a fixed salary and free meals every month, he is not happy as he feels that he is no longer the master of his own. He has no dreams of his own and resigns to his own fate.

On the other hand, Mukesh lives in Firozabad and works in a glass bangle making factory. He belongs to a family of bangle makers. He is also engaged in the same profession. However, he is determined to be his own master. He wants to leave the family business and become a motor mechanic as he wants to improve his living condition. Though the chances of his success are bleak, he continues to dream about this for his family’s betterment.

Gangana Pandey 1 year, 2 months ago

Same as first

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