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Summary of Lost child



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Summary of Lost child
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Prince Panchal 1 month ago

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Dakshita Rathore 1 month, 1 week ago

Lost child was a child who was matured kid he cannot make any request as he knew that his parents won't be buying each and everything from the fair so he didn't make any request after that when the child was moving with his parents he saw roundabout he wanted to ride so he makes a bold request parents i want to right this but no answer cam from his father side when he turned back and front there was no parents he also turned left and right but his parents were not there he was trying to find th but there was no one like his father wearing yellow shirt his turban was also untiedy when he knew that he is lost he started crying and then from nowhere a men comes to him try to console the child and give all the offer of those things that he wanted earlier he was no longer appealed them all he wanted to be United with his parents again

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