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State any 5 rules and entiquette to be followed while chatting on internet
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Ishita Singh 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Following are the basic etiquette that should be followed while chatting with others: 1. Always introduce yourself by name, if your screen name does not reflect it. 2. Always ask if the other person has time to chat first-regardless of how important you think what you have to say is. Your message is not going to be well received, if the recipient is busy. 3. Always start your message with a short greeting. 4. Ensure that your message is short, precise and to the point. 5. If you are chatting with a person and he/she is waiting for your response, then do not keep him/her waiting for a long time. 6. Never use CAPITAL LETTERS while typing; a message in uppercase is extremely rude as it is considered as shouting. 7. Do not use abbreviations, if the conversation is professional. 8.Give people time to respond- after asking a question one should wait for a response. Delay in response could be due to a connectivity issue or the recipient could be busy with some other work. 9.You should not post any objectionable audio or video during chatting. 10. It is a good etiquette to sign off from chatting with a Thank you and Bye.

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