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What is momentum? And it's S.I. unit?
  • 5 answers

Aryan Hs 2 months ago

The quantity of motion is momentum matlab bas momentum ye hai ki jitna Jada tumhe dard hoga lagne ke baad utna momentum hoga
The SI unit of momentum is kgm/sec
The product of mass and velocity is called momantum

Himangi Himangi 2 months ago

The product of mass and velocity is called momentum M=mv

Gurpreet Kaur 2 months ago

Momentum is vector quantity whose direction is the same as the direction of velocity The SI unit of momentum is a kilogram meter per second (kg m/s). Momentum is the quantity that is used to describe the state of motion of an object with a non-zero mass. Hence, momentum is applicable to any moving object. If is the mass of an object and is the velocity with which this body travels, then momentum can be expressed as p → = m v → . In other words momentum is a , product of the mass of a particle and its velocity.

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