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Summary of poem a thing of beauty
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Adithya Dev 2 months, 2 weeks ago

‘A Thing of Beauty– is a poem taken from the poem titled – “Endymion – a poetic romance’ written by the famous poet John Keats. The poet says that a beautiful thing is a source of endless joy. It has eternal beauty which never fades away. A beautiful thing is like a shady shelter that gives us a sleep Full of sweet dreams, good health, and relaxation. Our attachments to the Earthly things are like a flowery wreath. They are traps that bind us to materialistic things and keep us away from eternal happiness. The Earth is full of hatred, greed, and negativity. According to the poet, the gloom and sadness caused by this negativity fade away with the positive vibes of the beautiful things that surround us. The poet lists out some of the beautiful things that surround us. As the saying goes -“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. He says that the numerous creations of God like the Sun which gives us energy, the moon’s beauty, the trees which give us shade are the natural beauties around us. The various animals like the sheep that surround us make our world lively. The pretty flowers like daffodils make the world green and lively. The flowing streams of water cool and refresh us in the hot summer season. The forests which are full of the pretty musk rose flowers are a beautiful sight to the eye. All these are the things of beauty. Also, the stories of the brave soldiers who laid their lives to protect their people are beautiful and inspiring. These beautiful things are like a fountain of immortality bestowed upon us by God. They inspire us to live on and maintain our faith in goodness.

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