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We don't have any major scope for increasing the area of land under cultivation
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Preeti Dabral 2 months, 2 weeks ago

It may be observed that over the years, there has been a marginal decline in the available total stock of cultivable land as a percentage to the total reporting area. There has been a greater decline of cultivated land, in spite of a corresponding decline of the cultivable wasteland. There is, thus an urgent need to evolve and adapt land-saving technologies.

  1. Land saving technologies can be classified under two heads- Those which raise the yield of any particular crop per unit area of land; Those which increase the total output per unit area of land from all crops grown over one agricultural year by increasing land-use intensity.
  2. The advantage of the latter kind of technology is that along with increased output from limited land, it also increases the demand for labour significantly. For a land scarce but labour abundant country like India, a high cropping intensity is desirable not only for fuller utilisation of land resource but also for reducing unemployment in the rural economy.

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