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A uniform cube of edge l 5cm and mass 5kg is kept on a table top .find the pressure due to cube on the table top on the portion where the cube touches the table top
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Aditya Singh Rathore 2 months, 1 week ago

 Use app Login Question  A block of wood is kept on table top. The mass of wooden block is 5 kg and its dimensions are 40cm×20cm×10cm. Find the pressure exerted by the wooden block on the table top, if it is made to lie on the table top with its sides of dimensions (a) 20cm×10cm and (b) 40cm×20cm A (a) P=2440Nm−2 (b) P=610.5Nm−2 B (a) P=2450Nm−2 (b) P=612.5Nm−2 C (a) P=2460Nm−2 (b) P=618.5Nm−2 D (a) P=2470Nm−2 (b) P=712.5Nm−2 Easy Open in App Solution  Verified by Toppr Correct option is B) Mass of the wooden block, m=5kg Thrust due to wooden block, Mg=5kg×9.8ms−2=49N (a) Surface area of 20cm×10cm surface, A=(20×10)cm2 =(0.2×0.1)m2 =0.02m2 P=Amg​ P=0.02m249N​=0.0249​Nm−2 or Pressure, P=2450Nm−2. (b) Surface area of 40cm×20cm surface, A=(40×20)cm2 =(0.4×0.2)m2=0.08m2 P=0.08m249N​=0.0849​Nm−2 or Pressure, P=612.5Nm−2.

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