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featers of sole proprictorship Advantoge and …



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featers of sole proprictorship Advantoge and disadvan tye of sole proprictorship
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D Harshani 1 year, 8 months ago

Features Single ownership Formation and disclosure Unlimited liability Individual risk bearing and profit recipient One man control No separate ligal entity Small size Merits: Quick decision Confidentiality Direct incentive Sense of accomplishment Easy to form Demerits: Limited resources Lack of managerial skills Lack of continuity Unlimited liability

Tripti Singh 1 year, 9 months ago

Features legal formalities 2.secrecy 3.unlimited liability 4.sole risk bearer and profit recipient. 5.quick decision 6.single owner Merits legal formalities 2.quick decision 3.easy to open and close. 4.sense of accomplishment. 5.sole profit recipient Demerits 1.unlimited liability 2.uncertain life 3.sole risk bearer resources capital

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