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Ajay lives in Delhi ,the city …



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Ajay lives in Delhi ,the city of ajajays friends residence is at Jaipur is 600km from Delhi . Ajay used to travel this 600km partly by traind and partly by car.he used to buy cheap items from Delhi and sell at Jaipur and also buying cheap items from Jaipur and sell at Delhi. Once from Delhi to Jaipur in forward journey he covered 2x km by train and the rest y km by taxi.but while returning he did not get a reservation from Jaipur in the train . So first 2y km he has travel by taxi and the rest x km by train.from Delhi to Jaipur he took 8hrs but in returning it took 10hrs 1. What is the value of x? 2.what is value of y? Delhi to Jaipur journey how much distance did he travel by train? 4. How much distance did he travel by train in both side journey?
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Binod Lara 1 week ago


Harshit Changer... 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Pata nahi

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