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Make a comparision and write down ways in which plant cells are different fron animals cells
  • 1 answers

Divyashree Bk 8 months, 3 weeks ago

Animal cells - Smaller in size Plant cells - Comparatively larger Animal cells - Cell wall is absent . Cell contents enclosed by plasma membrane . Plant cells - Plasma membrane is surrounded by a thick, rigid cell wall Animal cells - Centrally located nucleus Plant cells - Peripherally located nucleus Animal cells - Vacuole are very small or absent Plant cells - Large central vacuole is present Animal cells - Plastids are absent . Plant cells - Plastids are present Animal cells - Prominent golgi complex present close to the nucleus Plant cell - Golgi bodies are scattered and are called dictyosomes Animal cells - Possess centrosomes and lysosomes Plant cells - They lack lysosomes and centrosomes. Hope it helps !!

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