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What are the principles of effective communication
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Preeti Dabral 1 month, 1 week ago

The principles of effective communication are-

1. Principle of Simplicity: The message prepared for communication should be simple and easy to understand. Common words and simple sentences should be used.

2. Principle of Clarity: The message prepared for communication should be clear. An ambiguous message will not be able to make effective communication.

3. Principle of Brevity: The message should be concise in nature. The reader may feel disturbed in receiving a long message. So, only necessary information's should be given in the message.

4. Principle of Planing: Before preparing any message the communicator should plan for the message and after that, he should plan for selecting media and process of sending the message to the communicatee.

5. Principle of Accuracy: The facts and information provided in the message should be accurate. Any wrong information in the message may create confusions. As a result, communication failure may occur.

6. Principle of Attentiveness: Effective listening is important in effective communication. So, the receiver should be attentive while receiving any message.

7. Principle of relevancy: The subject matter of communication should contains relevant information. Irrelevant and unnecessary things should be eliminated from the subject matter of communication.

8. Principle of Feedback: Sending of message is not whole thing for effective communication. To be effective a feedback from the receiver is essential.

9. Principle of Time Consideration: The communicator should consider the proper time for effective communication. If communication is not made in time, Its effectiveness is lost.

10. Principle of Language Control: Control of language is important for effective communication. The communicator should be careful in selecting words and forming sentences.


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