If you squeeze a seed of …

If you squeeze a seed of orange, you might observe many embryos of different sizes. a. How is it possible ? Explain. (a) Mention any four strategies adopted by flowering plants to prevent self pollination. b. (b) Why is geitonogamy also referred to geneticalautogam
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Gaurav Bagga 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Sorry Correction in b part Different flower but of same plant

Gaurav Bagga 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Startegies adapted by flowering plants to prevent self pollination : 1) dichogamy - protandry and protogyny 2)self sterility 3) unisexuality 4)anther and stigma are at different positions on the same flower. b) geitonogamy also refered as geniticalautogam because morphologically it is self pollination but genetically it is self pollination because pollen grains which are transferred are of the same flower but on different plants respectively.

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