What are easy tricks to solve …

What are easy tricks to solve blood relation questions?
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Gaurav Seth 8 months ago

1. Apply the question to yourself

This is the best way to solve blood relation questions. Here you try and relate every statement to yourself. The starting name of the statement could be assumed as your name or you

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2. Break the question into very small parts

When the statement is very long, it can get confusing. So break down every statement in the question into sub statements and solve the question.

3. Do not assume the gender

Do not assume the gender of any person in the question just based on the names given in the question.

4. Draw clear diagrams as you solve

An easy trick to solve such questions with 100% accuracy is to draw a family try where people of the same generation are placed at the same level and the entire diagram is in the form of a hierarchy.

Indicate + for Male candidate
Indicate – for Female candidate
Indicate <=> for Couple
Indicate - - - - for Same Generation like brother - - - brother (or) sister - - - sister (or) sister - - -brother
Indicate–––––for Different generations like father–––––son (or) mother––––son (or) father––––daughter (or) Mother ––––– daughter


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