How is the grandmother

How is the grandmother
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Muskan ūüėäūüėäūüėäūüėČ 2¬†months, 4¬†weeks ago

if this Question will be asked in 2 marks how will i write the answer

Rajat Sharma 3 months ago

Grandmother was a picture of beauty peace and contentment she was old wrinkled slightly bent short and fat she had white hair and she was always clad in white. She look like a picture of winter landscape in the mountains because she was also in the winter of her life he was religious also helps constantly moved in audible prayer and one hand always telling the beads of Rosary she visited the temple and read Holy scriptures Delhi she was responsible affectionate and caring she looks after the author in the village in his parents absence she was kind and generous Shepherd dogs in the village with stale chapatis and sparrows in the city with bread crumbs she was benevolent and gentle she never shooed away the birds who sat on her head and shoulders she was concerned and caring ship personally complaint the author to school in village she also take interest in what was taught at school the she was conservative and traditional as well she was disappointed at the author's receiving music in the city school she was distress at lack of teaching about God and scriptures Intercity School she was reserved and non interfering she kept at Hosur have self and Splendor spare time in the city on her feeling well she was spectacle stoic and realist as well she accepted grandsons decision to go abroad for higher studies she had control our emotions and sentiments she was come and controlled the evidence of which is there she didn't break down as expected at the station while seeing of her grandson she was quite patient and blessed be strong willpower Shia companies family members to see of grandson and after 5 years she was there at the station to the sea Feem she was instituted as well she knew when her and was near and accepted it she has a Mystic around her she is a message to the other world by playing continuously on death bed sheet possessed all the personality virtues and values to call to be called a lady

Gursharn Kaur 3 months ago

Loving religious soul

Shivshant Prasad 3 months ago


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