CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad 2009

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You are aware that Central Board of Secondary Education has been conducting Group Mathematics Olympiad every year. The competition  is held at  selected venues  in different parts of the country and aims at identifying, promoting and nurturing talent in the subject. This is to inform you that this year’s said competition will be held on Sunday, 29th November 2009  at  identified  centres.


Mathematical Olympiads are  the  competitions  conducted by different organizations  to identify, encourage, promote and nurture  the  talent  in Mathematics at State, Regional, National and  International  levels.

After having been accorded  the status of an  independent group by National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM) in 1997, Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi has been conducting CBSE Group Mathematical Olympiad  for students studying  in  its affiliated schools.

The  said  competition will  be  conducted on  fourth Sunday of November  at  different centres  located  in different parts of  the country. Top 30 students  from CBSE group will  then participate  in  Indian  National Mathematical  Olympiad  (INMO)  conducted  by  National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM). Selection at National level leads to participation at the  international Mathematical Olympiad


The role of Mathematics cannot be denied  in  the age of rapid  technological advancements and  innovations. The broad objectives of conducting mathematical Olympiad  include:
Identifying  talent  in Mathematics
Providing opportunities to young and talented students to solve challenging problems in Mathematics.
Promoting excellence  in Mathematics
Encouraging  talented students  to pursue carriers  in  the  fields  related  to Mathematics.


a) Any  student  studying  in  class XII, XI, X  or  IX  can  participate  in  the  competition. However,  there will be a common question paper  for all participants.
b) A school can sponsor upto 5 students  for  the competition.
c) The  five students should be selected strictly on  the basis of a screening  test conducted by  the school  itself.


Every sponsored candidate shall remit a sum of Rs.35/- as entry fee for the examination. The  fee of  the candidates should be  forwarded by  the Principal of sponsoring school  to  the state coordinator in the form of demand draft in favour of the Principal of the venue school. The  list of state coordinators appears at  the end of  this  folder.


a) Thirteenth CBSE group Mathematical Olympiad 2009 will be held on Sunday, 29th November 2009 at  the centres notified at  the end of  this  folder.
b) The examination will commence at 1.00 p.m. 4.00 p.m.
c) The duration of  the examination will be 3 hours.


The fee along with the desired information about the sponsored students should reach the State Coordinator by 21  October, 2009.  In no case should  the  fee or documents be sent  to the Board.


a) The Head of  Institution will  forward  the names of sponsored students  to  the state coordinator nominated by  the Board.
b) The information about the sponsored candidates including name, father’s name, date of birth, school address, class, residential address, total marks obtained in the class one lower than in which he/she is studying, should be sent to the state coordinator along with  the  fee before  the  last date.
c) The sponsored candidates should be bonafide students of  the  institution.
d) The  admit  card  to  be  issued  by  the  sponsoring  school  should  have  complete information about  the students.
e) The  admit  card  should  also  carry  the  signature  of  the  student  and  his/her  latest photograph duly attested by  the Principal.


a) The Group Mathematical Olympiad will be held at one or two venues in each state as listed  in  the  folder.
b) Every candidate is required to appear at the venue in his/her state only. No change of venue  for  the examination will be admissible.
c) Every  candidate  has  to  bear  the  expenditure  for  his/her  transport,  boarding  and lodging etc.
d) In  case  of  candidates  studying  in  Gulf  schools,  the  schools  will  have  to  make arrangement  for candidate  to appear at  the  identified centre.
e) The state coordinator will inform all the participating schools about the roll nos. of the candidates, exact  venue, date of examination,  time of examination and  the other details.


The question paper will be made available  in English Medium. The candidates are  required to answer  in  the English medium.


There is no specific syllabus for the examination. Areas of school Mathematics such as algebra, geometry, basic number  theory,  trigonometry, arithmetic, combinatorics etc. are  to be prepared for the test. The question paper will consist of 6-7 questions of non-routine


1) The Coordinator will act as the Centre Supdt. for the examination at his/her centre. He/she will appoint  invigilator as per CBSE examination norms.
2) In  addition  to  invigilators,  the  Centre  Supdt. may  appoint  one  clerk/peon  for  the conduct of  the examination.


a) The question papers will be sent by CBSE  to  the State/Regional Coordinator directly in advance.
b) The  coordinator  shall  keep  the  sealed  papers  in  his/her  safe  custody  till  the commencement  of  examination.  The  sealed  packets  containing  the  question papers should be opened only half an hour before  the start of examination.


The answer sheets of candidates who appear in CBSE GMO will be evaluated at the centre decided by the Board. CBSE will select 30 candidates strictly in order of merit. Only  the selected candidates will be  informed about  the result and will be eligible  to appear  in  the  Indian National Mathematical Olympiad conducted by NBHM. The name of the  selected  candidates will be  communicated  to  the  respective  schools as well as NBHM  for  further necessary action.

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    i am a student of 10th standard and have a sharp minded interest in mathematics .I want to participate in mathematical olympiad but i am not getting a proper location from where i could get the proper details .our school have no information about it.kindly give me some suggestions.
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    Simrat Chehal
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