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Notes of hunting gathering to growing food
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Shrawani Jagtap 2 months ago

Que 1. Why do people who grow crops have to stay in the same place for a long time? Answer. People who grow crops have to stay in the same place for a long time because different plants grow in different conditions. The fields had to be looked after and planted crops needed care on timely basis like watering and fertilizers . The plants had to be protected from birds and animals so that they could grow and the seeds would ripen. For this purpose the people had to give up their nomadic life and stay at one place. Que 2. Look at the table on page 25 of the textbook. If Neinuo wanted to eat rice, which are the places she should have visited? Answer. If Neinuo wanted to eat rice she should have gone to the following places: Koldihwa in present-day Uttar Pradesh, and Mahagara in present-day Uttar Pradesh. Que 3. Why do archaeologists think that many people who lived in Mehrgarh were hunters to start with and that herding became more important later? Answer. Mehrgarh is located in present-day Baluchistan near Bolan pass in Pakistan. Archaeologists think that many people who lived in Mehrgarh were hunters because they found bones of many kinds of animal bones from the earliest levels. These included bones of wild animals such as deer and pig. In the first levels, they found bones of sheep and goat and in still later levels, cattle bones were more common. This clearly shows a transition from the practice of hunting to domesticating animals. Que 4. State whether True or False. Answer. Millets have been found at Hallur. ( True). People in Burzahom lived in rectangular houses. (False). Chirand is a site in Kashmir. (False). Jadeite. found in Daojali Hading, may have been brought from China. (True).

Pradip Kumar R 2 months ago

What is decisione meaning

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