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Write a short character of Dr sahao
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Preeti Dabral 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Sadao Hoki was both an expert surgeon in the art of healing wounds and a scientist as well. At the age of 22 , his father sent him to America to study surgery and medicine. There he fell in love with Hana but married after returning from Japan when his father was convinced that the girl was a pure Japanese. He was very generous and loyal to his country. His wife Hana was also a sympathetic, kind, obedient and faithful wife. While standing on the veranda of their house, they saw something crawling on the beach. They approached there and found that he was a wounded and an escaped prisoner of war. At one time they thought to throw him back in the sea. On the other hand, they thought that the fellow would die if handed over to the police. As a doctor he was trained to save a life if he could do.
There flowed the milk of human kindness in both of them. They brought him home but the servants were badly against them. Sadao performed the operation and his wife Hana stood by him through every thick and thin. There was a great risk of Dr. Sadao being arrested for harbouring a prisoner of war. Being a patriot, he declared everything to the General and was ready to face the consequences. This shows that both Dr. Sadao and his wife, Hana were sympathetic, loyal, patriot, compassionate and honest people.

Bhoomika Maheshwari 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Dr sadao was an skilled surgeon He was also a patriotic person but in the story he faces conflict of duties as a patriot or as a surgeon Dr .sadao as a surgeon and (as per their medical oath )saved his patient life, even though being their enemy But Dr. didn't feel any mercy or attachment with the patient for being American ,he also tried so hard to get released from the patient ,he himself made plan to got release As a patriot he knew his limits and he had infinite love to his country But his doctor's heart didn't allow to left the patient in pathetic condition

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