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Class 12 Reasoning & Mental Ability Questions

Reasoning & Mental Ability tests are an indispensable part of all the competitive or entrance exams.  The Class 12 reasoning & mental ability section on myCBSEguide has numerous ‚Ķ

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Almost every competitive entrance examination in India or rather the world has a common section called Logical Reasoning or Mental Ability test. Although its level varies according to the nature of examinations this section forms an integral part. The resources available under the class 12 Reasoning & Mental Ability section of myCBSEguide App help to prepare students for such exams at the senior secondary level. 

What is Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability?

Mental Ability is the capacity of the mind to hold what has been saved earlier. Precisely, it is the power to learn or retain the knowledge. It is the ability to understand the facts and use them as and when required. It denotes intellectual power. Logical reasoning is all about applying logic on the basis of common sense. It requires a reasonable analysis of a given problem (in the form of a question) to derive a conclusion. 

Class 12 Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability Tests

Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability Tests comprises aptitude questions that require a logical level of analysis. These questions are either based on concepts that the students are expected to be aware of or on techniques of solving problems. Sometimes, this section presents questions that compel students to think out of the box. 

This test analyses the learning capacity or potential of an individual. A given examination of reasoning & mental ability judges the reasoning and interpretation skills of a candidate. This is the reason why most of the exams include this test (mental ability, logical reasoning, aptitude test). This test enables one to choose the most appropriate candidates for a specific task or job. Candidates can be judged on their power of reasoning, ability to think, ability to judge, evaluate or discriminate, ability to visualize the space, spatial orientation, etc. through this test. Students can attempt the Reasoning & Mental Ability Test in the competitive exam or entrance exam section of myCBSEguide.

Class 12 Reasoning & Mental Ability Question Type

This inevitable section can have a myriad of questions that are based on both mental ability and logical reasoning. It can have questions on analogies, classification, series, pattern perception, hidden figures, coding-decoding, block assembly, and so on. 

Practically, the class 12 Logical Reasoning & Mental Ability question can be classified as verbal and non-verbal (or logical /analytical) reasoning. However, there is no rigid boundary as the questions may overlap. This means one question can not specifically fit into one single category, the question type renders it suitable to be placed under any of the sections.

However, the non-verbal section usually has questions related to pictures or diagrams and core logic. Whereas questions requiring deductive application or logical (analytical) reasoning like blood relations, and seating arrangement, can fall under both verbal and analytical (non-verbal) reasoning.

Logical reasoning encompasses several different types of reasoning: deductive, inductive, and abductive. Hence, it is considered the best tool for ability-testing. Our class 12 Reasoning & Mental Ability questions are classified as: Verbal and Non-Verbal:


Data Sufficiency, Directions, Seating Arrangements, Dice, Series Completion, Blood Relations, Venn Diagrams, Arithmetic Reasoning, Classification, Arithmetical Reasoning, Coding-Decoding, Puzzle Test, Analogy, Logical Reasoning

Patterns, Water Images, Reverse Images, Analytical Reasoning, Analogy, Cubes & Dice, Paper Cutting/Paper Folding, Figure Matrix, Embedded Images, Mirror Images, Classification, Figure Formation & Analysis


As we can see that logical reasoning questions are associated with problem-solving ability. The techniques to solve these questions involve working through a set of rules that govern a scenario. This is called an algorithm. The purpose of the Reasoning & Mental Ability Test is to test the capability of a student to employ different sets of algorithms to determine which sequence of rules leads to the correct solution. Students can find these questions organized under both the categories in the Student's Dashboard of Class 12 Reasoning & Mental Ability.

Having said that, one must think over a pertinent question as to why even after being such an imminent section, this test is not a part of the regular academic syllabus. The senior secondary level or Class 12 Reasoning & Mental Ability Test plays a decisive role in the career-building of almost all the students. Our CBSE course provides NCERT solutions with important questions and special case study questions which can be accessed on myCBSEguide.

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