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Class 12 Applied Maths Sample Papers and Question Bank

Download CBSE class 12 Applied Maths Sample Papers, Question Bank, Revision Notes and premium study material for board exam preparation. 

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The subject of Mathematics is widely used in higher studies as an allied subject in the field of Economics, Commerce, Social Sciences, and many others. An extra maths paper called Applied Mathematics has been given a place as an academic elective at the senior secondary level with the purpose of providing the students with relevant experience in Mathematics that can be used in fields other than Physical Sciences. You can download the latest model question papers and revision notes for CBSE class 12 Applied Maths in PDF format. You can also access the premium content like the previous year's question bank and MCQ practice questions on the myCBSEguide app.

CBSE Class 12 Applied Maths Complete Course

Our resources range from the units required for every step of preparation. The course of Class 12 Applied Maths aims to develop substantial mathematical skills and methods needed in other subject areas. Students can prepare for Class 12 Applied Maths with the course content provided by myCBSEguide. We have been a renowned Edutech providing the best solutions to all those who are involved in the teaching and learning process. We provide complete course solutions in all the CBSE subjects. Along with our premium content like class 12 Applied Maths latest sample papers and practice papers, you also get free NCERT solutions, syllabus, and chapter PDFs.

CBSE Class 12 Applied Maths Syllabus

What makes Class 11 Applied Maths different from pure mathematics is the structure of its syllabus. The syllabus of Mathematics in senior secondary is meant for Science subjects which may not be appropriate for students who wish to pursue Commerce or Social Science-based subjects in university education. Therefore, the syllabus of Applied Maths has been designed to enable students to use mathematical knowledge in the field of business, economics, and social sciences. The following units are included in the Class 12 Applied Maths syllabus. Check our students dashboard for more details.


  • Numbers, Quantification and Numerical Applications
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Probability Distributions
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Index Numbers and Time-based data
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Linear Programming

CBSE Class 12 Applied Maths Question Bank

Applied Maths as a subject aims to promote appreciation of mathematical power and simplicity for its countless applications in diverse fields. To master this power one needs to practice hard, and to practice a well-furnished question bank is needed.

We have an exclusive question bank for class 12 Applied Maths. The CBSE question paper has many types of questions, students can practice them on them our website. Our question bank is updated with the slightest change in the syllabus and curriculum so that the students are not misled.

CBSE Class 12 Applied Maths Sample Papers

The CBSE released model question papers every year before the final examination. Based on the blueprint and the MS of these papers, myCBSEguide team prepares class 12 Applied Maths sample papers.

The class 12 Applied Maths course continues to develop mathematical language and symbolism to communicate and relate everyday experiences mathematically. The key to acquiring this mathematical skill with a wonderful grade is to practice the model question papers well. Get the sample papers for Class 12 Applied Maths on myCBSEguide as per the latest CBSE syllabus.

CBSE Class 12 Applied Maths Case Study Questions

Enough leverage has been given to the case study questions in a bid to promote competency-based learning. We notice that for class 12 Applied Maths operating knowledge is emphasized. The curriculum emphasizes applying mathematics to real-life questions. The same goes for competency-based questions. It is designed to test the analytical and problem-solving techniques of the students. We have some of the best base-based questions for Applied Maths. Data-based case studies from the field of business, economics, psychology, education, biology, and census data are used to appreciate the power of data in contemporary society. Our questions focus on all these, do check out the sample question on Class 12 Applied Maths Case Study Questions.

CBSE Class 12 Applied Maths MCQ Tests & Mock Tests

Sometimes students may not be ready to take a full-length test and wish to check the progress of their preparation. For this, they may try our Class 12 Applied Maths online MCQ tests and check out the test papers related to it. Acquiring small goals gradually lessens the burden for the final leg of preparation. It helps get command over the subject.

Secondary School Education prepares students to explore future career options after graduating from school. Hence, students should have the tenacity to work a bit harder to secure their professional careers in the future. This extra effort done now would reap long-term benefits. To help our determinant students myCBSEguide, known for the best CBSE course content, provides the best study materials in many other boards as well.

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