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CBSE Class 5 EVS Syllabus & Worksheet

Get CBSE Class 5 EVS NCERT Solutions, Worksheet, and other study material on one platform myCBSEguide. Our Chapter-based Videos are useful in learning concepts easily.

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CBSE Class 05 EVS Syllabus

The book prescribed by CBSE for Environmental Studies for the primary students of Class 5 is called Looking Around. The number of chapters in the book is above 20, which makes the syllabus quite huge. The basic aim of this Class 5 EVS syllabus is to make students aware of various concepts of Environmental Science. The primary EVS syllabus consists of chapters and topics which help the students to connect with their environment and nature. It raises their social and environmental awareness in different ways.

So, we can see that the syllabus for class 5 EVS covers most of the topics which are necessary for a student to be acquainted with not only for their current academic year but also for any other competitive exam that s/he would take in the future.

The following topics need to be covered in a single academic year for Class 5 EVS:

  • Super Senses
  • A Snake Charmer’s Story
  • From Tasting to Digesting
  • Mangoes Round the Year
  • Seeds and Seeds
  • Every Drop Counts
  • Experiments with Water
  • A Treat for Mosquitoes
  • Up You Go!
  • Walls Tell Stories
  • Sunita in Space
  • What if it Finishes
  • A Shelter so High!
  • When the Earth Shook!
  • Blow Hot, Blow Cold
  • Who will do this Work?
  • Across the Wall
  • No Place for Us?
  • A Seed tells a Farmer’s Story
  • Whose Forests?
  • Like Father, Like Daughter
  • On the Move Again

CBSE Class 05 EVS Study Material & Worksheet 

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