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12 ka paper pura solve
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It usually occurs inside the nucleus and some cell organelles. Very little RNA occurs inside the nucleus. Most of it is found in the cytoplasm.
DNA is the genetic material. RNA is not the genetic material except in certain viruses, e.g., TMV, Reovirus.
It is double-stranded with the exception of some viruses(e.g.,{tex}\phi{/tex} {tex}\times{/tex}174). RNA is single-stranded with the exception of some viruses(e.g., double-stranded in Reovirus).
DNA shows regular helical coiling. There is no regular coiling except in parts of tRNA.
It is Fuelegen positive. RNA is Fuelgen negative.
DNA contains several million nucleotides. Depending upon the type, RNA contains 70-12000 nucleotides.
DNA is of only two types, nuclear and extranuclear. There are at least three types of RNA-mRNA, rRNA and tRNA.
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Chapter 11notes
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Manav sharir mein kitni haddiyan hoti hain
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Chapter 2 notes
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What is represented

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