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What are the difference between first and second generation
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Preeti Dabral 1 year, 6 months ago

Differences between first and second-generation computer

1) The first generation computer made use of vacuum tubes as internal component, whereas transistors were used in the second generation.

2) First generation computers operate in Machine language, while that of the second generation operate in assembly language.

3) The first generation computer was a low speed computer, in contrast to the second generation computer which was 10 times faster.

4) First generation computers are large in size, while computers of the second generation are smaller and more portable.

5) The main memory of the first generation computer is in form of magnetic drum, while the main memory of the second generation computer is in form of RAM and ROM.

6) In the first generation, Magnetic tapes were used for computer storage, while in the second generation, magnetic core technology was used.

7) The first generation computer generates a lot of heat thereby consuming high power. While the second generation computer generates less heat and consumes low power.

8) The first generation computers made use of punched cards which were not in use in the second generation.

9) Second generation computer has a wider commercial use and more reliability than the first generation computer

10) Lastly, the second generation computer differs from the First generation mainly because of its addition of set of index registers and arithmetic circuits.

Ismail Khan 1 year, 6 months ago


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