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Classification of animal kingdom metakova chordata



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Classification of animal kingdom metakova chordata
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Preeti Dabral 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Basis of Classification is as follows:
- Level of Organisation
- Symmetry
- Layers of Cells
- Presence or Absence of Coelom
- Segmentation
- Presence or Absence of Notochord
Levels of Organisation
- Cellular Level. In some multicellular animals, the cell is responsible for all the metabolic activities in the animal body. This type of organization of function is termed as cellular level of organisation.
- Tissue Level. In certain animals cells performing the same function are arranged in a group. Example: Coelenterates.
- Organ Level. Some animals form specialized organs for specific functions.
Example: Platyhelminthes.
- Organ System Level. In higher and complex animals various organs group to form a complex organ system to perform specific function. Example:Molluscs, Chordata.

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