CBSE - Class 11

CBSE free online test series on class 11 Physics has more than 1000 multiple choice questions. These MCQs cover each and every concept given in NCERT text book and help books. Class 11 Physics syllabus includes Physical World, Units and Measurements, Motion in A Straight Line, Motion in A Plane, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, System of Particles and Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Mechanical Properties of Solids, Mechanical Properties of Fluids, Thermal Properties of Matter, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, Oscillations, Waves. Each test paper has 15 questions with complete solution.

Take free online quiz on Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Structure of Atom, Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, States of Matter, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Redox Reactions, Hydrogen, The s-Block Elements, The p-Block Elements, Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques, Hydrocarbons, Environmental Chemistry. It includes all the topics from class 11 Chemistry.

MCQ tests help user to practice the chapter quickly. Here are hundreds of MCQ quizzes in class 11 Mathematics. These online tests are framed in such a way that all concepts and maths formulas given in CBSE NCERT text books are includes. The topics in CBSE class 11 Mathematics are Sets, Relations and Functions, Trigonometric Functions, Principle of Mathematical Induction, Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations, Linear Inequalities, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Theorem, Sequences and Series, Straight Lines, Conic Sections, Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry, Limits and Derivatives, Mathematical Reasoning, Statistics, Probability.

myCBSEguide users can take free online test (MCQ quiz) on various topics from class 11 Biology. There are 15 questions in each test and we have more than 5 such quizzes in each chapter. Class 11 Biology includes The Living World, Biological Classification, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Morphology of Flowering Plants, Anatomy of Flowering Plants, Structural Organisation in Animals, Cell : The Unit of Life, Biomolecules, Cell Cycle and Cell Division, Transport in Plants, Mineral Nutrition, Photosynthesis in Higher Plants, Respiration in Plants, Plant Growth and Development, Digestion and Absorption, Breathing and Exchange of Gases, Body Fluids and Circulation, Excretory Products and their Elimination, Locomotion and Movement, Neural Control and Coordination, Chemical Coordination and Integration.

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Take free MCQ tests and practice questions online for free. CBSE online test section on class 11 Accountancy includes introduction to accounting, theory base of accounting, recording of transactions, preparation of Journal, ledger account, trial, bank reconciliation statement, depreciation, provisions and reserves, bill of exchange, rectification of error, financial statements of sole proprietorship, financial statements of non profit organisation, accounts from incomplete records, applications of computers in accounting. There are 15-20 questions in each test. The questions includes explanation and step by step solution.

CBSE free online tests on class 11 Economics have thousands of multiple choice questions for online practice. Each test has 15-20 MCQ with explanation. The topics included are Introduction, Collection of Data, Organisation of Data, Presentation of Data, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion, Correlation, Introduction to Index Number, Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence, Indian Economy 1950 -90, Economic Reforms Since 1991, Poverty, Human Capital Formation in India, Rural Development, Employment: Growth Informational and other Issues, Infrastructure, Environment Sustainable Economic Development, Inflation: Problem and Policies, Development Experience Of India a Comparison with Neighbors.

CBSE online test for class 11 Business Studies. These online MCQ tests includes all main concepts of the chapter in CBSE class 11 Business Studies. It is also useful for entrance exams. The topics in CBSE syllabus of class 11 Business studies are Nature and Purpose of Business, Forms of Business Organisations, Public, Private and Global Enterprises, Business Services, Emerging Modes of Business, Social Responsibility of Business and Business Ethics, Sources of Business Finance, Small Business, Internal Trade, International Business and Project Work.

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