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Download CBSE class 12 Multimedia and web Technology study material in PDF format. MyCBSEguide provides solved papers, board question papers, revision notes and NCERT solutions for CBSE class 12 Multimedia and web Technology. The topics included are Introduction to Database Management, Networking And Open Standards, Web Page Development, Multimedia and Authoring Tools. Extending the same, emphasis is given to Computer Networking, Types of Network, Wired and Wireless Technologies, GSM, CDMA, GPRS, WLL, 3G, 4G, Open Source Concepts, GNU/Linux, Firefox, OpenOffice, Linux, Mozilla web browser, Apache server, MySQL, Postgres, Pango, Tomcat, PHP, Python, Operators, Functions, Loops, AVI, MPEG, SWF, MOV, DAT.

Unit 1: Introduction to Database Management

Introduction to database concepts and its need;

Database Terminology: Data, Record/Tuple, Table, Database;

Concept of Keys: Candidate key, Primary key, Alternate key, and Foreign key;

Database Tool: Using any toolcreating and saving table, defining primary key, inserting and deleting column, renaming column, inserting records, deleting records, modifying records, table relationships;

Unit 2: Networking And Open Standards

Computer Networking: Evolution of Networking: ARPANET, WWW, Internet;

Network Topologies: Bus, Star, Tree;

Types of Network: PAN, LAN, WAN, MAN;

Wired Technologies: Twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, optical fiber;

Wireless Technologies: Bluetooth, infrared, radio link, microwave link, radio link and satellite link;

Network devices: Hub, switch, repeater, gateway – and their functions;

Identifying computers and users over a network: Basic concept of domain name, MAC (Media Access Control) and IP Address, domain name resolution;

Wireless/Mobile Communication: GSM, CDMA, GPRS, WLL, 3G, 4G;

Internet Applications: sms, voice mail, email, chat and video conferencing;

Network Security Concepts: Cyber law, firewall, cookies, hackers and crackers;

Open Source Concepts: Proprietary and open source software(OSS), common FOSS/FLOSS examples

(e.g. GNU/Linux, Firefox, OpenOffice, Linux, Mozilla web browser, Apache server, MySQL, Postgres, Pango, Tomcat, PHP, Python);

Indian Language Computing: character encoding, UNICODE, different types of fonts (open type vs true type, static vs dynamic), Entering Indian Language Text – phonetic and key map based;

[Note: Teacher can introduce the students to these websites,,,,,]

Unit 3: Web Page Development

Review of HTML/DHTML, JavaScript covered in Class XI;

Installation and Managing WEB-Server: Internet Information Server (IIS));

PHP: Concept of PHP, features of PHP, other equivalent tools – JSP, PHP Including PHP in web page;

Data types: integer, double, string, boolean, null, array, object, resources;

Variables: Using variables in PHP; Explicit and Implicit declaration of variables;

Constants: Using constants in PHP, constant() function:;

Output data to Screen:echo and print statements


Arithmetic: +, - (Unary and Binary), *, /, %, **

Assignment Operators =,+=,- =,*=,/=.%=

String Operator(concatenation) .,.=

Comparison: <, >, <=, >=, !=, ==,===.!===

Incrementing/Decrementing Operators:++,--

Logical: AND, OR, !,&&,||;

Array Operators :union(+),equality =,identity ===,inequality <>,!=,non identity !===

Operator precedence;


String Manipulation Functions: strtoupper(), strtolower(), strlen(), ltrim(), substr(), rtrim(), trim() , strrev() , strcasecmp(), strcmp(), stripslashes()

Time & Date Functions: Date(),getdate(),gettimeofday(),Mktime(),strtotime(), cal_days_in_ month()

Arrays: Declaration and use of indexed arrays(1 dimensional); sort(),rsort() inbuilt functions;

Conditional statements: if else, if...elseif....else, switch

Loops: While, Do While , For, For each;

Unconditional exit from loop /switch Break;

User Defined Functions: Passing parameters/arguments; Pass by value, pass by reference,return value,default value

Global Variables – Superglobals

PHP Forms: Form Handling,Form Validation, Form URL/E-mail

Text Files: Opening a file,Reading a file,Writing a file,Closing a file

Other Features: PHP File Upload, Cookies,Sessions(start,modify and destroy), Error Handling

Working on Database: Connecting with Databases: opening and closing database Inserting, retrieving, modifying/updation of records from tables in databases

Unit 4: Multimedia and Authoring Tools

Movie File Formats: AVI, MPEG, SWF, MOV, DAT;

Embedding: Audio/Video on the web page;

Multimedia Authoring Using Macromedia Flash: Making of simple movie, setting properties, frame rate, dimensions, and background color;

Movie Frames: Concept of frame, frame buffer, and frame rate, creating a key frame;

Inserting text into the frame, inserting graphical elements into the frame, converting text/graphics to symbol, inserting symbol into the frame, setting symbol property (graphics/button/movie), inserting blank key frame, selecting all/specific frames of a layer, copying/pasting selected frames;

Scene: Concept of scene, duplicate scene, add scene, delete scene, and navigating between scenes;

Layers: Concept of layer, layer properties, layer name, show/hide/lock layers, viewing layer as outline, adding/deleting a layer;

Types of Layer - normal/guide/mask;

Special Effects: Motion Tweening, Shape Tweening, Inserting Sound Layer;

Testing a Scene and Movie;

Import/Export (Movie/Sound and other multimedia objects);

Publishing: Publishing a movie, changing publish settings, producing swf(flash movie), html page, gif image, jpeg image (*.jpg), png image, windows projector (*.exe), macintosh projector (*.hqx), quick time (*.mov), real player (*.smil);

Testing with Publish Preview;

Multimedia Application: Education (use of CAL tool), entertainment, edutainment, virtual reality, digital libraries, information kiosks, video on demand, video phone, video conferencing and telemedicine.

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