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Download CBSE class 12 English Elective NCERT study material in PDF format. MyCBSEguide provides solved papers, board question papers, revision notes and NCERT solutions for CBSE class 12 English Elective NCERT. The topics included are Short Stories– I Sell my Dreams, Eveline, A Wedding in Brownsville, Tomorrow, One Centimetre. Poetry- A Lecture Upon the Shadow, Poems, Poems, Kubla Khan, Trees, The Wild Swans of Coole, Time and Time Again, Blood. Non-Fiction– Freedom, The Mark on the Wall, Film-making, Why the Novel Matters, The Argumentative Indian, On Science Fiction. Drama- Chandalika, Broken Images.


Reading an unseen passage and a poem

  • Very Short Answer Questions: One literary or discursive passage of about 950-1000 words followed by short questions
  • Short Answer Questions: A poem of about 24 - 28 lines to test interpretation and appreciation.


Creative Writing Skills & Applied Grammar (60 Periods)

  • Long Answer Question: A short discursive, interpretative writing
  • Very Long Answer Questions: An essay on an argumentative/discursive topic such as an article, report or speech
  • Very Short Answer Question: Transformation of sentences.


Literature Textbook: Kaleidoscope

  • Short Answer Questions: To test understanding and appreciation
  • Long Answer Question: To test deeper understanding, interpretation, appreciation, drawing of inferences and evaluation.


  • Long Answer Questions: Seeking comments, interpretation, evaluation and appreciation of characters, events, episodes and interpersonal relationships.
  • Very Long Answer Question: To test deeper understanding, interpretation, appreciation and drawing inferences.

Prescribed Books:

1. Kaleidoscope - Text book published by NCERT

2. A Tiger for Malgudi or the Financial Expert by R.K. Narayan (Novel) Fiction

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