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CBSE Last Year Papers for Class 06 English

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English Question paper 2019 (Set-1) Download
English Question Paper 2019 (Set-2) Download
Question Paper 2012 (SA-2) Download
Question Paper 2017 (SA-I) Set – 1 Download
Quetion Paper 2017 (SA-1)Set-B Download
Question Paper 2016 paper 2 Download
Question Paper 2016 paper 2 Download
Question Paper 2017 paper 2 Download
Question Paper 2016 paper 2 Download
Question Paper 2016 (SA-I) Set – 1 Download
Question Paper 2017 (FA1) Set-A Download

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CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 6 English

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 6 English

CBSE English questions papers

CBSE last year papers for class 6 English and Last Year Question Paper & Solutions of 6 English are made available by CBSE every year just after the annual exams are over. CBSE marking scheme and blue print is provided along with the previous year question paper. This helps students find answer the most frequently asked question, How to prepare for CBSE annual exams. The best way to prepare for annual exams is to understand the questions pattern and practice them as given in previous year question papers.

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Question papers of class 6 English

CBSE class 6 Question Paper for English for the year 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 with solutions in PDF format for free download. The previous year question papers last 10 year for all – NCERT books and based on CBSE latest syllabus must be downloaded and practiced by students. These old 5 to 10 year question papers are the best source to understand question paper pattern and chapter wise weightage in class 6th English question paper.

Cource Structure for class 6 English


Activities and materials that promote language growth in the early years have been described in some detail in the preceding section. Work at the upper primary level providing a basis for action and interventions in schools is described below. In general, vocabulary development through reading extensively with comprehension and interest and writing activities of a higher order than hitherto developed are the main goals of teaching/learning at this stage.

Objectives The general objectives at this stage are:

  • to negotiate their own learning goals and evaluate their own progress, edit, revise, review their own work
  • to understand, enjoy and appreciate a wide range of texts representing different cultures, ways of living
  • to be able to articulate individual/personal responses effectively
  • to use language and vocabulary appropriately in different contexts and social encounters
  • to be able to organise and structure thoughts in writing/speech
  • to develop production skills ( fluency and accuracy in speaking and writing)
  • to use dictionary suitable to their needs
  • to understand and enjoy jokes, skits, children’s films, anecdotes and riddles

At the end of this stage learners will be able to do the following:

  • understand the central idea and locate details in the text (prescribed and non-prescribed)
  • use his/her critical/thinking faculty to read between the lines and go beyond the text
  • narrate simple experiences, describe objects and people, report events to peers
  • speak accurately with appropriate pauses and clear word/sentence stress to be intelligible in familiar social contexts
  • write simple messages, invitations, short paragraphs, letters (formal and informal) applications, simple narrative and descriptive pieces, etc.
  • use his/ her proficiency in English to explore and study other areas of knowledge through print and non-print media
  • to undertake small projects on a regular basis

Language Items

At the upper primary level, knowledge of grammar remains a process of discovery combined with a conscious effort to explicitly understand and name grammatical items. However, these should not be taken out of contexts to be treated as discrete teaching items.

In addition to consolidating the items learnt earlier, the following will be introduced and recycled through the upper primary stage.

  • Determiners
  • Passivation
  • linking words
  • adjectives (comparative and superlative forms)
  • adverbs (place and types)
  • modal auxiliaries
  • tense forms
  • word order in sentence types
  • clauses
  • reported speech

Methods and Techniques

Classroom interaction would be such as to promote optimal learner participation leading to an urge to use language both in speech and writing. The selection of actual classroom procedures is left to the discretion of the teacher. However, the following are recommended:

  • Role play
  • Dramatization
  • Reading aloud
  • Recitation of rhymes, poems and making observations on a given topic/theme
  • Telling and retelling stories, anecdotes, and jokes
  • Discussion, debate
  • Simple projects
  • Interpreting pictures, sketches, cartoons
  • Activities, tasks, and language games
  • Pair work, group work, and short assignments both individual and group
  • Exploring the electronic media

CBSE previous year question papers class 6 solved

CBSE annual exam question papers class 6 with answers and complete solution for the year 2005 to 2018 are available for free download.

Year Question Paper Download as PDF
2005 English Question Paper Download
2006 English annual Paper Download
2007 CBSE English Paper Download
2008 6 English Paper Download
2009 English class 6 question Download
2010 English Paper 2010 Download
2011 Question Paper for English Download
2012 2012 English Question Paper Download
2013 CBSE English 2013 Paper Download
2014 Question paper 2014 of English Download
2015 English annual Paper Download
2016 6 English Question Paper Download
2017 English solved question paper Download
2018 Annual exam paper 2018 Download
2019 English question paper 2019 Download
2020 Question paper English Download

Class 6 English Question Papers and syllabus

CBSE class 6 English have following chapters. Questions are asked from these chapters. CBSE schools are advised to follow NCERT text books. Here is the list of chapters in class 6th English.

Class 6 English List of Chapters NCERT Book


  • Ch 01 Who Did Patricks Homework
  • Ch 02 How The Dog Found Himself A Master
  • Ch 03 Taros Reward
  • Ch 04 Indian American Women in Space
  • Ch 05 A Different Kind of School
  • Ch 06 Who I Am
  • Ch 07 Fairy Play
  • Ch 08 A Game of Chance
  • Ch 09 Desert Animals
  • Ch 10 The Banyan Tree

Honeysuckle Poem

  • Ch 01 A House A Home
  • Ch 02 The Kite
  • Ch 03 The Quarrel
  • Ch 04 Beauty
  • Ch 05 Where do all Necessary Teachers go
  • Ch 06 The Wonderful World
  • Ch 07 Vocation
  • Ch 08 Whatif

A Pact with The Sun

  • Ch 01 A Tale of Two Birds
  • Ch 02 The Friendly Mongoose
  • Ch 03 The Shepherds Treasure
  • Ch 04 The Old Clock Shop
  • Ch 05 Tansen
  • Ch 06 The Monkey and The Crocodile
  • Ch 07 The Wonder Called Sleep
  • Ch 08 A Pact with The Sun
  • Ch 09 What Happened to The Reptiles
  • Ch 10 A Strong Wrestling Match

CBSE English Question Paper General Instructions

Time allowed: 2:30 hours
Maximum Marks: 60 marks

General Instructions:

  • This paper consists of 4 sections:
    Section A Reading 20 marks
    Section B Writing 25 marks
    Section C Grammar 20 marks
    Section D Literature 25 marks

  • Attempt all the questions.

  • Don’t write anything on the question paper.

  • All the answers must be correctly numbered as in the question paper and answered in the answer sheet.

  • Ensure that questions for each section are answered together.

  • Read each question carefully and follow the instruction.

CBSE Question Papers for Class 6

CBSE question papers 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and so on for all the subjects are available under this download link. Practicing real question paper certainly helps students to get confidence and improve performance in weak areas.

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