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CBSE Last Year Papers for Class 02 English

CBSE Last Year Papers Link
Question Paper 2017 Set - 1 (English)

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CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 2 English

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 2 English

CBSE English questions papers

CBSE last year papers for class 2 English and Last Year Question Paper & Solutions of 2 English are made available by CBSE every year just after the annual exams are over. CBSE marking scheme and blue print is provided along with the previous year question paper. This helps students find answer the most frequently asked question, How to prepare for CBSE annual exams. The best way to prepare for annual exams is to understand the questions pattern and practice them as given in previous year question papers.

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Question papers of class 2 English

CBSE class 2 Question Paper for English for the year 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 with solutions in PDF format for free download. The previous year question papers last 10 year for all – NCERT books and based on CBSE latest syllabus must be downloaded and practiced by students. These old 5 to 10 year question papers are the best source to understand question paper pattern and chapter wise weightage in class 2nd English question paper.

Cource Structure for class 2 English

  • acquire language structures through understanding and communication
  • attain a basic proficiency in the use of English in listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • develop oral reading skills through poems and stories
  • develop age appropriate vocabulary
  • develop thinking skills like analysis, reasoning and comprehension
  • use punctuation marks to guide expression
  • write brief reports and narratives, using proper grammar and following basic rules for composition
  • become aware of and use language as an instrument for abstract thought and knowledge acquisition

The primary curriculum aims at enhancing children's natural desire and strategies to learn through the integrated, interlinked and interwoven approach combining all the disciplines together. The CBSE curriculum recommends weaving all the areas of learning into one string to promote aesthetic and personal awareness and the ability to express oneself in different ways and styles. The enquiry and skill based approach contributes to the trans-disciplinary structure both for the local and global comprehension. This ensures developing curiosity, enjoyment of learning and achievement in young children.

It is important that the learning experiences provided to young children in the formative stage have sufficient opportunity for exploration and a good balance between teacher led and child initiated activity. As teachers plan learning experiences for young children, it is essential that full account is taken of the links that can be created across the areas of learning to ensure that such experiences contribute to the broad and comprehensive learning development. It provides support for them to be active enquirers and life-long learners.

CBSE previous year question papers class 2 solved

CBSE annual exam question papers class 2 with answers and complete solution for the year 2005 to 2022 are available for free download.

Year Question Paper Download as PDF
2005 English Question Paper Download
2006 English annual Paper Download
2007 CBSE English Paper Download
2008 2 English Paper Download
2009 English class 2 question Download
2010 English Paper 2010 Download
2011 Question Paper for English Download
2012 2012 English Question Paper Download
2013 CBSE English 2013 Paper Download
2014 Question paper 2014 of English Download
2015 English annual Paper Download
2016 2 English Question Paper Download
2017 English solved question paper Download
2018 Annual exam paper 2018 Download
2019 English question paper 2019 Download
2020 Question paper English Download

Class 2 English Question Papers and syllabus

CBSE class 2 English have following chapters. Questions are asked from these chapters. CBSE schools are advised to follow NCERT text books. Here is the list of chapters in class 2nd English.

Class 2 English List of Chapters NCERT Book

Unit 1

  • First Day at School
  • Haldi's Adventure

Unit 2

  • I am Lucky!
  • I Want

Unit 3

  • A Smile
  • The Wind and the Sun

Unit 4

  • Rain
  • Storm in the Garden

Unit 5

  • Zoo Manners
  • Funny Bunny

Unit 6

  • Mr. Nobody
  • Curlylocks and the Three Bears

Unit 7

  • On My Blackboard I can Draw
  • Make it Shorter

Unit 8

  • I am the Music Man
  • The Mumbai Musicians

Unit 9

  • Granny Granny Please Comb my hair
  • The Magic Porridge Pot

Unit 10

  • Strange Talk
  • The Grasshopper and the Ant

CBSE English Question Paper General Instructions

General Instructions:

  • This question paper contains 8 questions and 2 pages.

CBSE Question Papers for Class 2

CBSE question papers 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and so on for all the subjects are available under this download link. Practicing real question paper certainly helps students to get confidence and improve performance in weak areas.

To download previous year question papers for Class 2 Mathematics, EVS, English, Hindi; do check myCBSEguide app or website. myCBSEguide provides sample papers with solution, test papers for chapter-wise practice, NCERT solutions, NCERT Exemplar solutions, quick revision notes for ready reference, CBSE guess papers and CBSE important question papers. Sample Paper all are made available through the best app for CBSE students and myCBSEguide website.

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