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Class 10 Information Technology Practice Questions | Notes

Access CBSE Class 10 Information Technology Practice Questions, Revision Notes, CBSE Test Papers, and Sample Papers on myCBSEguide. Check your progress with the help of our assessment tools. …

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Resources for CBSE Class 10 Information Technology (IT) are available on myCBSEguide. It is one of the best apps for the Board students who are self-dependent. The myCBSEguide app works like a support system for the students who believe in making efforts on their own. Besides it also provides various assessment tools to check your progress.

CBSE Class 10 Information Technology Study Material

Our study material for class 10 IT is in the form of class 10 Information Technology revision notes and Questions. Students need to navigate to the Students' Dashboard and get chapter-wise revision notes. The notes here are divided topic-wise and are arranged in an attractive form that is best suited for students' interests. This makes learning easier. 

CBSE Class 10 IT Practice Questions

Practice Questions for each chapter are one of our valued resources. We provide practice questions for almost all the CBSE subjects right from elementary to senior secondary. The Class 10 Information Technology Questions can be practiced in quiz format because these are in the form of MCQs. Students will enjoy practicing them in the form of a fun quiz. 

Class 10 IT Test Papers and Mock Tests

Practicing test papers for any subject is the best way to get acquainted with the format and structure of any test. CBSE Test Papers for class 10 Information Technology can provide a similar experience. It can help set chapter-wise targets and check your progress. Our CBSE class 10 IT Mock Tests are time-bound, students attempting these tests can surely mark a difference in their preparation. 

CBSE Class 10 Information Technology Syllabus

Following are the Chapters prescribed for the Class 10 IT syllabus (CBSE). You can get notes and practice questions for the following chapters.

  • Communication Skills-II
  • Self-Management Skills-II
  • Information and Communication Technology Skills-II
  • Entrepreneurial Skills-II
  • Green Skills-II
  • Digital Documentation (Advanced)
  • Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)
  • Database Management System
  • Web Applications and Security

Get the complete module for CBSE on myCBSEguide and customize it according to your requirements. We also offer study material and assessment tools in form of Model question papers, notes, question banks, learning videos, NCERT Textbook Solutions, and online tests to all major state boards in India.

  • CBSE Class 10 IT (402) Sample Paper 2024

    Class 10 IT (402) Sample Paper 2024 has two parts. The first part of Information Technology (subject code 402) will have 10 marks and the section part of the class 10 Information Technology sample paper will carry 40 marks. These parts are: PART A – EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS (10 MARKS) PART …

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