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Questions for CBSE Class 7 Reasoning & Mental Ability

Now practice Class 7 Reasoning & Mental Ability on myCBSEguide. It is the most important section for any national or state-level exam. Our elementary-level questions will help you to master th…

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The questions available in the Class 7 Reasoning & Mental Ability section of myCBSEguide will help the students hone their logical skills. As we know, mental ability tests are an integral component of any standard objective examination. Hence, it becomes pertinent for the students to keep practicing questions on Reasoning & Mental Ability. 

Class 7 Reasoning & Mental Ability Questions

The basic aim of giving Mental Ability tests is to check a student's analytical skills. It reflects the thinking capacity of a child. With the implementation of the new education policy (NEP) 2020, the focal point of assessment has shifted from comprehension and memorizing skills to competency or aptitude skills. Therefore, we too, need to be updated and prepare in tandem with the system. Theoretical concepts and resources are easily available under the sun, but customized practice questions for logical reasoning are not easy to get. To access elementary-level aptitude questions, click on Class 7 Reasoning & Mental Ability which takes you to a categorized question bank of logical reasoning questions.

Basically, mental ability questions are from two categories: VERBAL and NON-VERBAL. In the former, questions are based on concepts and issues in verbal logical reasoning. Questions are generally given in words. The latter (non-verbal) questions are related to pictures or diagrams and core logic. Questions asked here are mostly based on mathematical concepts and are given in the form of figures and diagrams.

We at myCBSEguide help students, their parents, and teachers to train their young brains for a highly-competitive future world. Our questions on Reasoning & Mental Ability are classified as per the difficulty level. You can find the elementary level CBSE class 7 Reasoning & Mental Ability questions in this section.

Practice Class 7 Reasoning & Mental Ability

Earlier, our education system emphasized rote learning. The methodologies were also committed to memory tests only. Logical reasoning sections were regarded to be apt only for a higher level of education (like post-graduate examinations). Our kids were never introduced to these concepts. Now, things have changed. With the intention of incorporating the aptitude section, the CBSE has also focussed on competency-based curriculum and assessment. You can get the complete course on CBSE from the Students' Dashboard, which has free important questions, NCERT solutions, revision notes, etc. It also includes the Class 7 Reasoning & Mental Ability section. 

The mental ability or aptitude exam tests our children's power of reasoning and their ability to judge. Students have to apply their intellect and think hard to evaluate and discriminate to solve these questions. Sometimes, some hypothetical questions demand students' ability to visualize. Some questions tend to test students' IQ on spatial orientation. There can be numerous questions on various dynamics. The list is endless.   

Experiential learning is the best way to pick up reasoning or logical skill. This experiential learning can be imbibed only through practice. The topic-wise online tests of myCBSEguide will give such experience of practicing Reasoning & Mental Ability questions. For questions for elementary-level check out the Class 7 Reasoning & Mental Ability section. 

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