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CBSE Class 3 Reasoning & Mental Ability Questions

Strengthen the Logical Reasoning Skills of your child from the very elementary level with myCBSEguide. Its practice questions for mental ability are worth trying.

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Introduce your child to the world of reasoning and mental ability right from the threshold of their academic journey. Although it does not have a direct existence in the scholastic curriculum, its presence could be felt in various forms like exercises on Mental Math, crossword problems in English, etc. If you are really interested in building up a strong foundation for your ward, download the myCBSEguide app now. Here we answer your queries related to this section.

Reasoning & Mental Ability Study Material for Class 3

Since reasoning and mental ability does not exist as a subject per se, these questions can be based on several topics. We have created a separate category that has an assortment of logical reasoning topics with adequate study material. These materials are in the form of learning videos, practice papers, online tests, and CBSE worksheets. The best part is we have designed our module on the basis of the CBSE syllabus which will be beneficial for the kids preparing for any competitive exams or the Olympiads. Just click on CBSE Class 3 to get the complete course on myCBSEguide

If you are getting such an organized course on your platter, then why miss the boat and prepare your child's logical reasoning right from their elementary level. Access study material and learning videos on CBSE Class 3 Reasoning & Mental Ability. 

Practice Papers on Class 3 Reasoning & Mental Ability

Acquiring mental ability and reasoning skills is like riding a bicycle, once learned it gets registered in your brain for life. But the only problem with it is that it rusts off if left untouched for a long time. Therefore a regular practice is required for its upkeep.

Our Class 3 reasoning worksheet and practice papers on mental ability will help you in maintaining your child's consistency. Our online tests have an interesting quiz-like pattern, which will make learning joyful. Children will learn while attempting these quizzes and playing games. Our module accentuates the theme of cognitive learning, i.e., learning by doing. Here the child is supposed to acquire knowledge by doing or attempting and re-attempting.

The questions or sections in which they do not perform well, they can easily navigate to the page of learning resources on the Students' Dashboard. They can see the video, learn and then re-try. The whole process will be interesting for them. Besides, this will be a pleasant introduction to logical reasoning for young minds.

In the future, our kids will sit for some of the other competitive examinations. This preparedness will help them for sure. These exams mostly follow the NCERT, questions available in our CBSE Class 3 mental ability section will be suitable for it. Therefore, parents check our free trial papers to match their requirements.

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