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Class 3 Social Science Worksheet | Practice Questions

Get CBSE Class 3 Social Science study material based on the NCERT syllabus. Our resources are in the form of chapter-wise worksheets, test papers, and online tests.

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CBSE Class 3 Social Science study material

Get free access to our resources on Class 3 Social Science. Regarded as one of the best platforms for students and teachers, myCBSEguide, provides useful study material in all the subjects for CBSE, right from elementary to senior secondary level. Our Class 3 study material is designed for the elementary level and is not book-specific. We have assorted class-based topics and have divided them into respective classes as per the difficulty level. 

You can learn the concepts with the help of learning videos for class 3 social science. To practice while learning you can do it with the help of class 3 social science practice questions. Attempt these questions and prepare until you are ready to test your knowledge. When you have done satisfactory practice, then test your progress with the help of CBSE test papers, or you make prefer online tests if you wish to. 

Class 3 Social Science Worksheet

There are chapter-wise worksheets for Class 3 Social Science. These topics, as mentioned above, is not dependent on any book, these are the general topics that possibly fall under the class 3 social science category. These chapters include the topics given below:

  • Clothes and dresses
  • Festivals
  • Works around Us
  • Our helpers
  • Means of Communications
  • Means of Transport
  • India Our Country
  • Earth is our Home

These worksheets can be attained in PDF format as well. For teachers and parents, we provide the facility to download these worksheets and other material in PDF format. Most of these are available for free. Check out our complete course on CBSE and other State Boards.

In case of doubts, use our "homework help section" to resolve your subject-related queries and doubts. Post a question and get an instant reply from our team.

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