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How to add School/Institute & Create Batches

Step-1 is to create your own webpage in myCBSEguide for free. Here is how teachers, tutors, schools and coaching institutes can create their own web-page in myCBSEguide and share the same with their students. Now create quiz and share with your students instantly.

How to add students to Batch by Sharing link or Custom Emails

Step-2 is to add students to your batches. After creating the school/institute page and adding batches, the next step is to add students to the batch. You can add students by sharing an invitation link or by creating custom Email ID and passwords for your students.

How to Create online MCQ Tests, Assign to Batch & Print Results

Step-3 is to create online MCQ test and assign the same to your batches. You can create online tests in 2 minutes with our test generator and assign it to the batches. watch this video to know how you can print results, check analytics and export it to excel sheet.

How to Create Online MCQ Test in 2 Minutes

Create and Share MCQ quiz online with myCBSEguide Test Generator. The ultimate quiz maker for CBSE students and teachers. Now schools and coaching institutes can create and share MCQ quiz online with their students. The students will attempt the quiz and you will get their result in your screen instantly. This quiz maker is available for classes 3 to 12 in almost all major subjects. 

Create Papers & Conduct Online Exams in Minutes

Create CBSE Pre-Board Exam papers 2021 and Annual Exam-style question papers in minutes using myCBSEguide Test Generator. These papers are based on the new revised pattern and marking scheme for the session 2020-21 issued by CBSE, New Delhi. Question paper PDF with complete solution takes hardly a minute to generate. 

How to Create Online Tests like Google Forms

Create Tests with Your Own Questions like Google Forms in myCBSEguide test generator. Now you can create online tests and question papers for any class and any subject.  

How to Create Worksheets online in 2 Minutes

Worksheets and Homework Assignment sheets are different from normal question papers.. Not only question papers and online tests but now you can also create worksheets and homework assignments with the help of this test generator.  

How to get your own Mobile App for FREE with Test Generator

Get your own Mobile App for FREE with myCBSEguide Test Generator. If you are new to Test Generator, get a subscription and enjoy your own mobile app to evaluate students online. This mobile app is designed for CBSE schools and coaching institutes.  

Test Generator Express Mode - Superfast & Users Friendly

Test Generator Express Mode helps you create question papers faster. This feature is easy to use and saves time and effort. myCBSEguide Test Generator is a SaaS based online tool to create question papers and online quiz in minutes. 

How your students will attempt the test?

Once you have created an online test, you can assign the same to your batches. All the students in that batch will get quiz link through your institute page link. You need to share only the institute page link and batch code with them. This video will help you understand the flow at the student's end. You can share this video with your students too if they are getting problem in login or register process.

How to add teachers to your Package

If you are a school or choaching institute and willing to add teachers to your package with limited access, this video is for you. This video will help to to add teachers to your package and give them access to create question papers without sharing your own email ID and password. There are mnay security provisions in this feature. The teachers can view only question papers created by them and they have access to the batches that are assinged by the admin.

Test Generator 30 Sec Demo with Prefilled Blueprint

Download Sample papers with your name and logo in 30 seconds using myCBSEguide Test Generator. Schools, Coaching Institutes, Teachers and Tutors can create online MCQ tests and question papers without typing a single question.

How to Create your Own Blueprints

Now you can create and save your own blueprint. This will help teachers to use the same blueprint multiple times. Especially when you want to prepare multiple sets of same question paper with the same difficulty level.

How to use Group Questions

If you wish to add questions from different chapters within one main question, you should use this option. We have given some sample labels. You can use them, edit them or create your own group question label. Here are some use-cases of the group questions: (a) To add questions from multiple chapters, (b) To add Fill-ups and True/False, (c) To add questions with sub-parts such as Write an article in any one of the following.

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