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i) Why was the narrator in …



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i) Why was the narrator in tears when her school results came out? (a) She did better than she expected. (b) She did not do as expected. (c) Her Baba had not done well. (d) Her Baba had done better than her. (ii) On knowing the result, how did the narrator's father react? (a) He scolded her. (b) He beat her. (c) He consoled her. (d) He made fun of her. (ii) Why did the narrator say that she had nothing to complain? (a) She had done better than her father. (b) She had done as well as her father. (c) She had topped in her school. (d) She had not worked hard at all. (iv) Choose the option that is not correct. (a) Baba was a senior official in the Indian Railway Service. (b) Baba was to become a director with the Railway Board. (c) Baba was the general manager of the Central Railways. (d) Baba had got a third division in high school
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