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Computer Science CBSE Sample Papers Class 11 PDF

Computer science is the study of the theory, experimentation, and engineering that form the basis for the design and use of computers. if want to make a career in these fields like Software Developer, Database Administrator, Web Developer etc. Computer science is the subject you need to study. CBSE guide provides you Sample Papers for Class 11 Computer Science for your good preparation for exams these sample papers help you to increase speed and confidence and it gives an overview of question paper that leads to scoring well in exams. You can download CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Computer Science in our myCBSEguide website and mobile app.
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CBSE class 11 computer science

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Class 11 Computer Science

CBSE follows NCERT text book in class 11 Computer Science. Here is the list of chapters in NCERT class 11 Computer Science. The sample question paper with solution for class 11 Computer Science is prepared as per these NCERT text book chapters. Computer Science sample papers and annual exam question papers of class 11 Computer Science are based on these chapters only.

NCERT Class 11 Computer science all Chapters

Unit 1: Computer Fundamentals

Chapter 1: Classification of Computers

Chapter 2: Software Concepts

Chapter 3: System Software

Chapter 4: Operating System

Chapter 5: Utility Software

Chapter 6: Open Source Concepts

Chapter 7: Application Software

Chapter 8: Number System

Chapter 9: Internal Storage encoding of Characters

Chapter 10: Microprocessor

Chapter 10: Microprocessor

Chapter 12: Primary Memory

Chapter 13: Secondary Memory

Chapter 14: Input Output Ports/ Connections

Unit 2: Programming Methodology

Chapter 15: General Concepts

Chapter 16: Problem solving methodologies

Chapter 17: Problem Solving

Unit 3: Introduction to Python

Chapter 18: Getting Started

Chapter 19: Mutable and Immutable Variables

Chapter 20: Variables, Expressions and Statements

Chapter 21: Functions

Chapter 22: Defining functions

Chapter 23: Conditional constructs and looping

Unit 3: Introduction to C++

Chapter 24: Getting Started

Chapter 25: Data Types, Variables and Constants

Chapter 26: Operator and Expressions: Operators

Unit 4: Programming with Python

Chapter 27: Strings

Chapter 28: Lists

Chapter 29: List operations

Chapter 30: List functions and methods

Chapter 31: Dictionaries

Chapter 32: Dictionary functions and methods

Chapter 33: Tuples

Chapter 34: Tuple Functions

Unit 4: Programming In C++

Chapter 35: Flow of control

Chapter 36: Inbuilt Functions

Chapter 37: Introduction to user-defined function and its requirements

Chapter 38: Structured Data Type

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